Progressives propose Medicare for the Uninsured

Medicare for All


Let's talk about the news of the week. The fight for having a relief. Bill that actually addresses what is going to be a massive health insurance crisis on So we had a bill introduced by Representative John Paul and Bernie Sanders in the Senate and then just Today actually as we're recording this this'll be yesterday as you're listening. Nancy Pelosi and House Leadership Democrat leadership in the House came out with a different proposal. We haven't seen language yet but this is clearly going to be the two kind of competing visions for next relief bill from the Democratic side so far icy silence from the Republican side. We don't even know if they're going support another relief bill at all Although I think the pressure is just going to become a hard to avoid once all of this unemployment leads to lack of insurance soon So the basic overview. Let's let why don't we start with the Sanders? John Paul Bill since that came out. I What they've proposed these of course are the lead sponsors of the Medicare for all legislation in the House and the Senate And this is not a medicare for all proposal. But it's kind of a stopgap proposal during the credit crisis. So what they've said is that Medicare should cover everyone who does not have health insurance And that Medicare will cover all co payments deductibles and cost sharing for everyone else. That's where people who have private insurance who have public insurance Like Medicaid or the Veterans Administration Or Medicare for that matter And that that will Last in effect until a vaccine is widely available to the public And the thinking of course is that we literally just cannot address this pandemic without everyone having access to healthcare Otherwise everyone who slipped through. The cracks of the healthcare system is going to be Is going to be unable to access. Care avoiding care when they need it and more likely to spread The contagion so Stephanie. What do you think about proposal? That came out of Japan. Senator Sanders Office. Well when I first heard about this proposal I thought it was perfect because it gives us a way to sort of expand public health insurance and it also fulfils the moderate concerns about allowing people to stay on their health insurance and all the stupid rationales for supporting a public option versus Medicare for all and that has always been the moderate case against Medicare for all right it's too disruptive maybe amid Medicare for all is in theory better but people are just so happy with their private insurance. Who Am I? Who are we to argue with them? And maybe they need a chance to try it out. And that's the impetus behind the whole public option. And you know they always say that. The of course. The goal is universal healthcare. But what the pathway. How do we get there? You know the details matter well. Here's your chance you know. Millions kicked off their insurance by no fault of their own at a time. When it's not actually safe to go outside but as far as I know no other members of Congress besides Sanders and Paul have supported this plan. Yeah I don't even know if it's been you know. They've barely rolled it out. It just came off the shelf. So we're us. The movement are going to have to build support for this bill. And you know it's interesting because this plan is kind of like some of the competing plans that you know. The centrists who were running for president were running on This doesn't resemble like the Biden plan but it is kind of what like Baidoa Rourke was was backing. It's a little bit like will cover everyone with the public plan. But we'll keep somehow the private health insurance in the workplace health insurance And I think the reason it's important to acknowledge why this is not a replacement for Medicare for all it needs to be. Temporary is the cost right. The the downside of doing it this way is that you don't get most of the savings that you get from Medicare for all system which really comes from like simplifying the system and you're cutting out all this administrative waste hospitals and doctors only have to deal with one pair they don't have to deal with fifty different payers. And that's how Medicare for all works by creating although savings you can afford to cover everyone else afford to have no co payments and deductibles. It is much more expensive to do it. This way to keep the private insurance companies in their keep all this complication waste in the system and expand coverage to everyone But I think you can do it temporarily as a stopgap measure And so I think it would be a good stepping-stone and people we literally cannot address this crisis with more and more people losing access to health insurance so I think it'll be an interesting fight. Yeah and it could arguably be even less expensive than giving subsidies to private health. Insurers who who made just end up pocketing. Well obviously we'll end up pocketing the profits but also will not be actually giving out any care outside of probably a lot of corona virus care because people aren't actually going to the doctor for anything else right now that's a fact that's not arguably that's it would definitely be cheaper to cover people through expanding medicare than it would be through throwing money at private

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