75 Days Sober


Hey everybody welcome to the addiction unlimited. Podcast I'm your coach. Angela pugh have I got a treat for you guys today? We have a real live client. Who worked with me in the Recovery Two k? And she's going to give you all the insider information on what it's like to work with me. How she is now. Her story her recovery. All that good stop. Let's take a second and welcome amory to the show. Hi Amory Hi Angela. Good morning how are you? I am doing very well. Thank you so much for doing this with me. I really appreciate you inviting me onto this show. Might be a little nervous. But they are still very. Let me share my story. Okay to be a little nervous. I think everybody's nervous the first couple minutes so I am really excited to. I love every opportunity. I get to have sort of real live clients right because I feel like people have so many questions about what it's like to work with a coach even and certainly what it's like to work in a pretty intensive program like the recovery to cates a little bit longer. It's pretty hands on so I love to kind of pull the curtain back and get it. Get your perspectives as somebody who did it right like I know what it's like I do it all the time. But for you to share your perspective in your experience and how it was helpful like I think that will be so valuable for everybody so you WanNa talk a little bit about how you came to make the decision to to do that program with me. Yeah so I had been trying to figure out how I was going one except that I had a problem with alcohol and then how I would start some program or even start the gears going forward into correcting my problem. Probably six months prior to me meeting you. I tried to do something on my own. Got A book. Keep it a little bit private. That didn't work and then I started listening to podcasts and there was Jin from still persists and that is how I ended up initially meeting. You and starting your program You know my I had a situation that really led me to either have to do something now or it was just going to be very bad for my family for my marriage so I knew that I had to invest in a program and it is going to take time and was gonNA take money but whether my marriage worked out or didn't I had to invest that in myself. I also needed accountability. I knew that I needed to have accountability. I couldn't just do an online course. You know how much private can I be so I knew once I had that initial consult with you that as I always tease you. You were my person and you know it truly helped me and turned my life around and give you the tools to have initial contact with you twice a week to have the group into have the online and then you know other things. I incorporated in my life as well. So that's how I I found you know with you. You know one of the things I loved about you too and I don't think we've talked about this before but when you signed up to do a consultation with me and this is what I have found to in. This whole process is more often than not when people sign up to do a free consultation with me. It's usually because they want to do the two K. Right and they want to ask some questions and they want some reassurance. I think that is a good move and what it's going to be like and what I loved with you as we were on that consultation and you were so honest really about where you were and I don't know that you were fully in acceptance of saying that you that you are an alcoholic or using a work like that big like I understand. It's a big word in. It's a heavy word and there's a lot of meaning behind that word and I'm not sure that you were you. Were all the way there. But you definitely understood the core of it in that. You couldn't do it and you didn't do it well and you had to make a change and what. I loved is talking about that with you on the console. You said I need to talk to my husband and I said Okay Great. I totally get that you know it is. It's an investment. Of course talk to your husband in literally your next sentence. Was You know what I'm GonNa go ahead and do this because I already told him that I needed the money? So let's just do it and I was like. Oh okay cool because it was. I knew I needed. I needed it in my core like I felt it in my gut and I felt a connection with you and what the program offered. I just felt it and it was with or without him. I was going to do it anyway. I mean that was my whole thing. So it's like we're just going to sign up now. I can't wait for it. You know and to touch on the word that alcoholic or that was very difficult for me. You know even now. It's a little a little still a little bit like all those little quotes. I just. I'd rather go through live thinking I was an alcoholic. Then not yeah. I truly do not drink like other people. I don't think about alcohol like other people. The behaviors I was doing was not normal. So you know having think I'm like what seventy five days so I'm still a baby in it. I would say but my goal is a year for sure just to get there.

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