Amazon workers fear catching coronavirus on job


When governor Jay Inslee's Mandy takes hold tonight many construction sites will go quiet but not all of them and that's prompting quite a conversation is calm was Brian Calvert tells us the governor's orders exclude construction projects related to infrastructure healthcare and housing that means most things Amazon is building even the remodel of KeyArena stops tonight up to this point there's been a clear divide among workers some workers see what they do is vital and they want to stay on the job others who spoke to the times on the condition of anonymity because they feared retaliation said on many job sites it's impossible to take proper precautions against the coronavirus a worker on a large project in Seattle told the times when they're putting up residential buildings multiple workers are typically crowded into unrelated rooms as small as six hundred square feet the worker said quote building an apartment building is not essential if one to seven percent of your workforce is going to get infected

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