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Will social distancing keep COVID-19 at bay?


Wire a new study coming out of Israel suggests virus infection rates have been similar regardless of the quarantine policies employed or not employed by countries whatever the national response virus infections appears to rise exponentially early and then starts to decline after six to eight weeks the reasons that remain unknown at this time so what is the department of health basing its Astor asters assertion that mitigation prompted the relative slowing in the virus spread we are now seeing when the slowing appear to have started only a few days after this the nationwide essential business order shut down started and only a few counties of in place when only a few counties replace understand homeowners well so I'm not familiar with that study from Israel I've seen many many different studies on the vast majority of the studies that I have seen in the once quoted by Dr Fauci and doctor Burks on indicates that social distancing and the mitigation efforts in the prevention efforts instituted by the governor and the state home orders have worked to flatten the curve in terms of the number of new cases I could do before if you look at at projections from FEMA south from the federal government the in an exponential fashion go yup we have not fault anywhere near that curve and I know a lot of some of FEMA's status based upon the university of Michigan modeling yeah we've seen other modeling we seen modeling from the university of Pittsburgh school of public health we see modeling from Penn there's lots of different models but we're basing you know really most of our in fact all of our decisions right now on what we're seeing on a day to day basis and so we feel very strongly that those efforts have been successful but we're not done it's very clear from other states from other countries in the modeling that if you relax the social distancing too fast if you did do one grand re opening is that we would see in a relatively short period of time in enormous peak and rise of cases which could overwhelm our health care system so any type of relaxation of social testing distancing will have to go in a slow progressive

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