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Police have recorded 120,000 cases of 'non-crime' hate incidents


I found this story on line and I think you'll appreciate it this is from the Daily Mail thank you really appreciate free speech here in the United States so over in the US the UK or is this Ireland let me double check so police have recorded almost a hundred and twenty thousand quote non crime hate incidents and quote was revealed today a judge slammed what they call the Gestapo police for cuisine a business managers work over his quote transphobic tweets and so these instances apparently are not crimes but they still want the government to investigate it we give you a couple of examples it's not just overseas where this is happening in some places like the UK it's all this is in South Wales it also happens in Canada more recently there was a book that came out written by a man he's the guy that has rebel media have assigned to signed I can member's name but he came out with a book very critical of prime missed print is not prime minister Justin Trudeau doll in the since they are going through the elections and they were going through the elections coming out with a book critical of the prime minister the he apparently passed that over to the police in the investigating agencies in Canada say about you better go check this out check out this guy's writing critical things about the prime minister so he was called in and questioned by a this government agency about the motivations of why you'd write a book critical of the prime minister during an election could you imagine he by the way brought in a secret video recording and re rod have been he's been over the last month releasing these things on you tube so you can see is major concern with that you can actually go check that out too but let's go back over to the UK it's under the hate crime operational guidelines adopted but six years ago in two thousand fourteen says forces must record any actions deemed to be motivated by an element of hate such as racism or trans gender phobic comments even if there is no evidence to prove them so if you're over there and someone read something that they believe is offensive and you know when we're here in the United States if you're on the left everything's offensive to you if you disagree with that I mean it's could you imagine here in the United States if there is the same sort of regulation where the police have to log everyone of your complaints because you're offended by something that someone else said just think of how wasteful that time would be when we have so many other problems going on so a hundred and twenty thousand nine crime he'd incidents have been recorded so far figures obtained by the telegraph South Wales police were found to have logged the highest number of hate incidences at thirteen thousand eight hundred and fifty six Metropolitan Police nine thousand over that same period may say this one person that they've been using as example Mister Miller at hearing Miller former police officer one of court victory against the police after they forced investigated him for his quote transphobic tweets and quote so it look into something you put on Twitter this is Twitter of all places hands do you know what he said that was seen to be transphobic no I don't want to read the line but I think you can read between the lines when I say this so it's a it's a poem that he wrote in there's one line in the poem that they found object bowl your you know female term for their genitalia okay but I guess not wrong for me to say it's like the biological term but I just feel weird saying it out loud your blank goes no where that said so because he used the term in its specific free female biologically they saw that as transphobic it was it was a not directed towards a person like he was trying to you know make fun of or whatever it was it was in a poem in a way that it was not specifically tweeted out someone or anything like that that was reported the police showed up at at his work they questioned him why are you so transphobic in front of his coworkers all these things they try to make an example of him try to shame him for tweeting this out you think the police have any reason why that is looked at as a threat other then there's just people that don't like get and they feel like the place has to intervene when they're offended by what someone else uses in speech so the fifty four year old Mr Miller said that he was sold there's thirty messages in the past that he's even re tweeted be in what they call a hate incident they look at that as a hate incident the judge they describe the police's actions as quote substantial chilling effect when it comes to free speech announcing that the court's decision the tweets were quote lawful in the affected the police showing up and Mister Miller's work place because of his political opinions must not be under estimated so that needs to be called out for as wrong as it is he said that the police overstep the line by visiting Mr Miller does work place and then the statements in retaliation to possibly persecute him based on what he said on Twitter judge Knowles rejected a wider challenge for the lawfulness of the hate incident guidelines ruling that it serves legitimate purposes in its not disproportionate to log them okay so I guess the judge hasn't swatted down the ability for the government to continue to keep track on the all for the things that you may be tweeting out there but them showing up at your doorstep in question you because of it is the part that goes too far I would even say that here in the United States if we have the police in St Louis dedicating their limited time and resources off the street but they're sitting in front of a computer in trying to pay attention to people that are in the St Louis region in reading every single tweet that goes by and then formally putting paper work together to log the things that may be seemed objectionable based on by the way the eye of the beholder not if it's actually objectionable or not or not that if it's something dangerous or not but you now keep in mind this is I the beholder south if you continue to move in a very social agenda and everything's offensive and you can't do this you can't do that in free speech is only second to whatever someone else's feelings are on the matter then you're going to find that the police are just gonna overstep the bounds over and over and it will become the normal in free speech has been attacked for a long time we've seen places where historically free speech has been celebrated but in today's world there's even places that have to put together safe spaces because it may be just a terrible idea that someone hears something that they would find offensive in dust need another governing agency to step in an object for them it's it's pretty sad in college campuses were looking at you that seems to be one of the places that used to have this sense that hate freedom of discussion being able to talk to other people about their ideas learn about what other people's believe what other people's believe and then if you do object being able to challenge the other people on their ideas although that's cut out now would sit at least in the UK let's just call the police and let them take care of it because he that person said something that offends me no it wasn't directed towards anyone it was just something that is in general offensive I'm in the judgment the judge emphasize I'm not concerned with the merits of the trans gender debate the issues are obviously complex is as I have observed during the hearing the legal status in the rights this is not for the courts and we'll see how that goes so good that they fought back on this one U. K. they have much different standards when it comes to freedom of speech were very lucky here in the United States to have that constitutional protection given by god so not to be given away free Lee by the government as they see fit to be abused and trust me they would abuse it in half and they try if you would allow them to don't you dare der der der ever give up your constitutional

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Police have recorded 120,000 cases of 'non-crime' hate incidents

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