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Thanks excited to do that. Yeah we you and I met a couple years ago and was in the context of a telegram group and that was my Kenley. My first foray into the wires of will call. It's or Crypto will. Now it's crypto twitter's the word but you see all the social media it's a Sort of a wild environment and it was eye opening for me to jump from traditional tack and business and Fintech into the system. It's two years later from when I originally met you. I feel about twice as old twice as have have no kidding. So so it's been a while couple of years but to your question so entered the space to fulltime as described right when things were rushing up an Krisha knowing But I've been bitcoin owner since two thousand thirteen fall. Hackers out there. You're welcome like Ryan. I enjoyed talking about you. Know all of my security issues publicly and that's why you'll also the thing that drew me to Bitcoin I've Yolk in two thousand ten joined Google's while at team and spent four years in that team does a decade too early to mobile payments in America in have been early on a number things was early at Bimbo which was acquired by Braintree P payments and before that I worked on my music in the late arts so that was a decade later but Juli after working infantile juvenile equitable for years out working braintree in meeting with the Queen based team to talk about bitcoin payments and two thousand thirteen and really being a little bit disillusioned. And I think we're still seeing this. Continue today with every Cinta company out there seemingly having the aspiration perhaps other than Stripe Square and Shop Affi- which is sort of Fintech e adjacent to sell to big bank or financial institution your I wanted to actually work on. What would hopefully be disrupting financial institutions in the way that we describe them and you know the regulated by the US government and other governments over the next few decades And discovering bitcoin in two thousand thirteen participating and being on the outskirts but seeing it from a formal industry perspective. You got me excited about the potential slightly aware of the risks the personalities the complexity. And then when I decided to jump in full-time Holy Shit. It was like awesome terrifying confusing and just a trigger for all of my good bad side as well as seemingly everybody else who is participating and I probably monologues provide house all stop here but looking at this confusing volatile space. At a time when it was you know growing seemingly exponentially was was simultaneously amazing scary and and just saw like I think what you saw around. I mean you've you've been full time for a long time but A darth of reliable real credible information that led people to do really stupid things and inaccurate. Gets us to the core of what the block is. I I don't WanNa go out on a limb and describe the block because I know that you're just gonNa correct me with some ostentatious vision and my best not everything of everything that That the two more people look at the block. They see a a media outlet. That's competing with coin desk. I think you yourself has Have have been vocal about winning business away from Clinton to ask and in growing the audience. You've obviously got a very strong team of researchers that are on percents On on twitter in a good way a lot a lot of the content has been exceptional. What's how do you describe the block? And and where are we now in terms of its evolution? Because I'll have Frank Frank Reich went for a run which typically twelve minute pace half walkout by their which is bad news. So maybe you can think about the block in terms of caricatures. Franken the media elements and then there folks being the research but how does how does this business align with your original vision to improve information in the industry? And and where do you think you are now versus where you want to be? So the original tagline was crypto simplified. While we strive to do that I. It doesn't describe you know what what we do in its entirety. We've expanded that into the first and final word and digital assets and what that means really as you were not just simplifying things so you can understand them. But we'd like to be the first place you look to figure out what the heck's going on this space and we define the space pretty broadly so it's not just covering public blockchain's and cryptocurrencies than I just covering bitcoin Theorem Ripples and Be Gash Etcetera. It's covering central. Bank digital currencies is covering distributed ledger technology and stuff that is adjacent. So companies that are using technology and governments that are thinking about money in new ways The original idea and concept was again crypto simplified and it was hatched time when there was a lot more momentum behind. Lucia say everyday people's interest in learning more and going really deep in the technology What happened? Is you in two thousand eighteen as we started to form the brand and launched the brand. We realized we had incredible talent Stephen Frank Larry editorial talent that was super experienced had experience in various aspects of currency and blockchain Inventec analysis research and so we launched you. Know Not really a crypto. Simplify brand one. That had insider knowledge people gravitated towards our all of our contact with free in two thousand eighteen and that was the original vision for the business was young in two thousand eighteen. Hundreds of millions of people will be interested in this You know imminent revolution. That's happening today. What has clearly happened as everybody took a deep breath. Certainly we did and said Hey. This is going to be a multi year multi decade evolution with a incredible things happening up stones and everything in between just like I think a lot of technology and a lot of you know financial markets over yet throughout history. So where we've come out is. We are focused on instead of blockchain. One one Call it somewhere between Crypto blockchain to one and above. And it's enough that if you're if you're somebody who's aware of what's going on you can kind of start with our news and journalism that's our top of funnel that's where most people are aware of the block the news and journalism brand. And then you we will through as you mentioned our social counts and through our personal accounts. We you know. Basically tighten the funnel and connect to the folks who are actually participating fully in the market. And then we sell solutions as including research information. We'll talk more about where we're headed with. That

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