Miami: Marlins Park To Host 2021 World Baseball Classic Games


Good we're following breaking news coming out from Marlins park turns out Marlins park in the three oh five will have an expanded role in the twenty twenty one world baseball classic including we just found out hosting the semifinal and championship rounds of the international event the world baseball classic essentially the World Cup of baseball it's this international baseball tournament sanctioned by the world baseball softball confederation and put up in conjunction with MLB and MLB Players Association so this is pretty exciting yeah it's cool I I'm at first it was all these things with the when they started it is goes back well over a decade now a little bit skeptical you know is that just gonna be another thing try to make some money but it really is fun because you see so many players go play almost in like an Olympic environment for baseball I. N. they they've made to reach a major league kind of realm and you know it it is it's a really really need

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