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Music News: New Releases, Upcoming Tours, And Chart Toppers



Now. It's time for new releases. Antunes new album releases Ozzy Osbourne Ordinary Man Royce. The five nine voice the five nine the allegory. Grimes Miss anthroposophy. Gene cannot know how to pronounce that coldplay. Everyday life. Dj Snake cardio `Blanche Deluxe Cardi Blonde Deluxe and holy broken heart new singles. The weekend after hours Ozzy Osbourne featuring post Malone it's rayed yellow busy. Keep it in the streets Pearl Jam Super Blood Wolf Moon. Tripler trooper read featuring. Russ the way Victoria Munay a Sacramento California native moment. Bt's featuring SIA on and what a what Alanis Morissette Smiling Now Billy Eyelashes. No time to die. Debut at Number Sixteen on the Billboard. Hot One hundred dated February twenty-ninth marking marking the latest theme song from James Bond Film to reach the chart. Time is the highest charting bond theme on the hot one hundred since Adele Sky Fall which debuted and peaked at number eight in October. Twenty twelve. Justin BIEBER's changes earns him his seventh number one album on billboard. Two hundred chart do a Liba is. Don't start now. Rises to number one on billboard's pop songs Radio Airplay Chart Dated February twenty ninth marking her second leader on the survey she. I reigned for four weeks in February twenty eighteen with new rules on tours and festival news. German electronic duo craftwork announced that a North America tour will be coming this summer in one. Nine hundred ninety. They changed the direction of modern music with the creation of their game. Changing electronic project that focused on robotics technology and the ideas images and sounds of the future. The German act is widely credited as creating the soundtracks for the digital age and influencing the sound of electronic music across all genres these performances will be an extension of the group's renowned three D. performances. And the first time in four years at craft work has performed this three D. Show in the states tickets for the tour go on sale to the public on Thursday at ten A. M. local time British bands. Pet shop boys and new order are heading to. North America for a joint headlining tour beginning in September. The Electronic Act will band together for the unity tour set to launch at Budweiser Stage in Toronto. The weekend is launching a headline tour a headline world tour ahead of his upcoming album. So the weekend is launching a headline world tour ahead of his upcoming album. The after hours tour is set to kick off June eleventh in Vancouver produced by live nation. The fifty seven date global trek will travel to arenas across the US Canada the UK Belgium the NAB The Netherlands Germany and France through November twelfth. The Toronto Singer will be joined by Sabrina. Claudio and Don over in the US and ate lamb and Claudio in Europe. Now onto the top. Ten songs played in the United States according to Apple Music Rowdy rich the box. Guess what still number. One young boy never broke again. Lou Top is number two. I just downloaded his album. Which I come out since he keep on popping up on these list number three future featuring drake life is good number. Four young boy number broke again. Redeye number five. Roddy rich featuring mustard fashion number six. This young boy is all over this list here. He is again with fine by time and number seven with knocked off. So if you didn't get that I'm just saying young boy never broke again but yeah he's six seven as well Number Eight bootie boogie. You WOULDA hoodie featuring rowdy rich numbers number nine the weekend again with after hours No it's not again number nine the weekend with after hours number ten pop smoke your instill no baby. Maybe his days on the top ten are over. Now let's compare that to the top. Ten songs played globally according Apple Music Rowdy which the box at number one in the US and globally still number two the weekend blinding lights number three young boy. I ain't saying hey y'all know who he is. Low Top number four future life is good featuring drake number five just bieber intentions number six the weekend after hours number seven tones and is back on the list of dance monkey number eight rowdy rich featuring mustard high fashion number nine Justin Bieber Yummy in number ten boogie would a hoodie numbers. Now what have I been jamming first off? I usually don't listen to singles nor talk about them. Prefer to listen to the entire project but I am really dig in this new a lantis smiling track. It's classic Atlantis. I mean it has me excited for the album and just happy that she is still making amazing music. Now I'm working my way through royse the five nine the allegory. It's twenty two songs and in our in eight minutes long. Soa Is GonNa take me a minute. I mean in this new world of EPA's anything longer than thirty minutes is a mission to get through but Royce is classic hip hop he is woke af and so are his kids. His interludes with his kids included includes him quizzing them on woke facts. I taught them. It's a heavy won't because it deals with race in America and its history with race. The production is incredible. I WANNA have expected anything less from Royce now Christian hip hop albums whole the broken heart. Ep So I never heard of this up and coming rapper slash singer science rapper. Lacroix's reach records but Craig plug him on his. I G saying congrats semi guy at Harvey official on his EP. Keep your eyes on this kid. So that is the only reason I checked out this kid. 'cause I'm Craig Fan? I didn't learn that craze signed him to I didn't. I didn't learn that cray signed him until I listened to the EP and then I started researching the kid now dudas talented and he looks like a regular dude like nothing about him. Screams artist so watching his visuals on. Youtube is kind of mind blowing. I mean each track on the EP has a visual. So you can choose how you would like to digest his prajit cold world or cold water and if I gave it all our my standouts But the entire album. You can listen from start to finish. I mean it's an EP It's super short. The run time for this one is wall on Apple Music. Obviously that's why I have Include it's only six tracks but it also includes the visuals on it so it says that it's twenty or forty minutes but I'm GonNa just cut that in half because it's literally like a double album with visuals. So it's probably only twenty minutes so you see it's easier for me to run through twenty minutes than in our eight minutes like royster five nine so I did get to get through all these a few times And it's definitely worth a

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