New York: Take One Last Look at the (Many) Plastic Bags of New York


The starting the first of March you will no longer be able to get plastic bags in New York would you go to the store it better have your own or you're in trouble so we put our intrepid reporter Alice Stockton Rossini out on the street to see a little bit about both of those stories let's do the deal the backstory first Allison this is going to shock people because most people don't pay attention to these kinds of changes in that the news that carefully so I am sure ninety percent of people are going to go to a store on March first and say what I don't get a bag where all there's a couple of things going on here I went out and I talked to people over the last week about the bag ban in preparation for upcoming bank story I have to tell you a lot of people are pretty much on board with the bag ban they already got their bags in the car they're already using bags there's been so many bad bands around us in communities throughout New Jersey communities throughout New York state Long Island individual towns have enacted bag bans we've been talking about the bag down for so long it's really I don't know how shocking it really is and I've been walking into stores today talking to people about you know when I see people walking out with plastic bags and asking well what's the deal and the deal is if a lot of stores are going to continue using plastic bags because they have a month and a month before they're actually going to start cracking down on these business says after using the plastic bag so you got a little time these businesses will still be handing out plastic bags well they make the transition the government of allowing them to do that before they crack down on them and while there are still plenty of people who go to the supermarket show up their car going to the check out and go I never got my insurance I know and I have the mailing time get out joke baptized I can't tell you how many times I pay for my groceries and I go I'm just gonna take my card out of the car and all that I get there it's very embarrassing people get and they're like okay I mean if we're going to my receipt of pipes but you know you get caught you get caught like that a couple of times you really do start to kind of remember okay I gotta bring my bags with me everywhere I go so food shopping is one thing because most people they know but they may be trained already that it I could I should probably bring my own backs but it's like CVS or if I go to Macy's or in a little tiny store I I better have a bed with me you can buy a recyclable plastic bags they have lots of them everywhere you can go into a store you know for five cents ten cents or whatever it is you can still buy a bag of recyclable reusable plastic bags that's made out of recyclable materials so you'll always have the option to buy a bag which is annoying and again it's things like that the fact that you have to pay on the fact that a comparison that are going to kind of forced us into this New World order if you well get out of going back three other thing now I found out is using paper bags that roaches and other insects are attracted to the glue and paper I'm not surprised I guess you I read this is well known among black people but people that would be saying so I mean I don't know now are we going to use pesticides when we bring our own bags all because you start stacking them up in the closet and you might have friends visiting you in the middle of the night the light on him well there they are all right let's let's talk about this coronavirus and because I know you're out talking to new Yorkers this week about the corona virus I I personally think it's over hyped I know there's there's a little the unknown quantity quality here it kind of kind of makes it scary there were you know we don't know where it came from we're not quite sure how to put prevented or how to treat it so that it is a little scary but I I think the hype is just over the top well that's what we do here man I mean is that is that the media is that the government you know the government nobody wants to be caught with their pants down so to speak back to bed like we don't make a big enough deal out of it and then people turn around don't you didn't make a big enough deal out of it with the media is that all the government officials DO qual model but I I have to give Cuomo credit for pointing out that there was like almost two hundred thousand flu cases I think in New York state or something summary yeah a lot of people more people are going to get just the everyday flu they're gonna get the corona virus and I know when you guys send me out in the morning you know you're looking you're looking for the person that I can get a rise out of I if there are times there are certain stories that people are just like yeah right whatever you know now I have no I don't have a mask no I'm not buying a mass no I haven't seen a ridiculous number of people wearing masks they need that's what I was getting on the street this week everybody is aware of the corona virus but I mean until it's really on top of that I just don't know how scared people really are however when I go into drug stores all over the city and you can't get you cannot hi Amanda anywhere so I suspect there's some stockpiling going on I know all the hospitals have mass right now all of the first responders EMS well we got the sanitizer start while they got the map stockpile people are buying them it's just that either people don't want to admit it or there's just a lot of people that are like you know why we'll wait and see what happens with this bank I think that's probably the best approach and do the common sense thing wash your hands if you're sick stay home and stay out of the way of people who are sick yes I did talk to our students from CCNY this week I interviewed her she's in Florence Italy and she's been there for three months she was in benefits over the weekend can you imagine her parents were freaking out the parents are friends of ours and you know here she is sitting in Florence in this program yeah and my you and all these other colleges are saying come on come on come on you have to come home CCNY is letting students decide if they want to go about making the moment they don't want to come home they don't have to come home like she's sitting in Florence going Jeez do I really want to go to an airport like do you want to go to an airport right now and fly from Italy back to the United States and she decided that was probably scarier than just staying in Florida but she said in Florence everybody in in Venice everybody's got masks on store people are people everybody's got a mask on and it is kind of weird to see all these people she said I went to Florence I couldn't get a map everybody around me is wearing a mask you know who the Torstar because they're the only ones who aren't wearing a mask and you walk around with a scarf around her face so you know you searching and stuff like that and that's when people in New York City are gonna go oh oh okay this thing is real yeah yeah we'll we'll we'll have to wait and see what happens all right appreciate the effort this week Alice thank you very much we'll talk to next week Alice Stockton Rossini here on the job on the Saturday show message and data rates may apply earning your degree from one of the top business schools in the country might sound impossible

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