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Chris Hayes on how the U.S. is on Italy's coronavirus trajectory - burst 09


Emergency that the CDC can pay for treatment examination and testing all of those things. And so that's that's already in our Federal Regulations. That's already one of the tools that has been at the disposal of the Department of Health and Human Services and the CDC this entire time. So I'm going to call them tomorrow publicly to make sure that testing and treatment is free and the insurers pay their portion but the American families are not left that no American is left paying out of pocket or deterred from getting testing or treatment because of cost barriers. We have been trying in our own reporting and I know other sort of crackdown. What has happened with testing and the bottlenecks in it and the lack of capacity. I know it's a concern you have do. You have a clear idea. Is there. Good communication with the White House. About what exactly the precise status of it is and what the obstacles to scaling up our. There's actually been a real gap between what we here at these. Where have now become weekly coronavirus briefings and then what we hear when we go home and talk to families and constituents. I'll I had a

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