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I'm going to say is sympathy. Longtime fucking mcgilla. Is that what they call it? The whole Miguel. This is unorthodox the universe is leading. Jewish podcast your host. This week our deputy editor Stephanie. Nick Hello and tablets senior writer. Liel Liebowitz hug semester to all and from my hermetically sealed in the basement of firemen are. It is the Corduroy Rav mark founder of the show wearing corduroy and I've been slowly building up my my Corduroy Hasidic Court. I've decided that my class SITA. My followers will wear a quarter of a struggle. But only on Chaba. Your court is called a cord and when they wear the quarter trial they have to do acts of loving kindness. They have to hug people who may pass by. You have to say kind things like putting on the quarter very strong mole calls forth your the quarter essence. I'm sorry but like hug. People walking by the absolute worst thing you can do to people that has met quarter or what This is a post cove in nineteen custody community. We're living in Messianic Times. Just post apocalyptic cord. We don't acknowledge the existence of this so called fake news epidemic. This week we will be speaking with Wall Street Journal Sports reporter Ben Cohen. Also known as Mr Stephanie Budnick he has a new book out called the hot hand the mystery and Sci of streaks that book is killer it is literally fire it is about fire and it literally is an if you're corentin because of the coronavirus this is the best thing to read ever. It's the perfect corentin reading a Mug of cocoa with a little rum in it and the hot hand by Ben Cohen. And it won't even feel like you're quarantined. Also we bring back former gentile the week Morocco. The Emmy winning humorist and journalist. He talks about his new book. Mu bitchy areas. Great Lives Worth reliving which grew out of his work hosting a podcast by the same name. Any who in the world in which we allegedly live there is allegedly both a holiday and a virus. I WanNa talk about the holiday last night. My Synagogue Synagogue. The reading of the poem of the mcgilla of Esther for Purim. Hundreds of people turned out. I've never seen such a turnout. One guy who doesn't normally calm. He's he's not a member he's not there much but you know he comes for porn once while he walked in and he said. Oh my God it's like there's the world out there and there's the world in here and a lot of elderly people to it was really interesting and it got me thinking that maybe maybe we tend to think on some level the way that we want to know who uses our bathroom stall at work like somehow that makes it cleaner that we actually feel like the people in our own synagogue can't infect us that a gathering of over one hundred if it's fellow showgoers. I waited a long time to interrupt. You Perm got cancelled like everyone synagogues cancel perm because it's like all everyone's together they're ringing. They're singing. They're giving each other gifts like that is not good right now. New Haven baby and not announcer hazard on the upper west side which had a very robust showing last night term concert was canceled. That's cool school canceled. School was cancelled in. General has been no school for some days. Now screws a distant memory for these children. It's really really interesting. Permits obviously like in the eye of the storm and a lot of communities right now. We'll talk about that in a bit. But I'm very curious what's GonNa happen with Passover all these passive or programs all these hotels that kosher for Passover their full kitchens. The this is the next layer of anxiety. I think I think mine want him now. Everyone right now is calling their in laws and saying I love you so much. I would love to spend the holiday with you but you guys are elderly. Probably should stay home campus year. Campus Year Corona virus. I will say the permit is never a holiday that I celebrate it since being a child. Look I think the problem is actually an interesting delineated like people who dress up for Parham? That's sort of like an interesting lines. Yeah I suppose I mean a lot of people who are like secular still do i. Well I have a theory about this. I thought I've shockingly attitude my my thinking on this is pretty complicated. My sense is that unlike sue coat which has just been on a steady upward trend in America for the past hundred years one hundred years ago only the most religious cared about Sokoto and now secular people are like hey we can build a hot and camp out and you know. Now it's like Echo self-care right. We can have some s'mores Perm I think was always an important holiday. And then it kind of went into a dip. So I think that like from the fifties to the eighties. Yeah like your average reformer conservatives who didn't care much except that it was an occasion for singles gatherings right like Perm was big in the catskills. You would go to a singles weekend for the Parham Ball. You get drunk. Maybe you'd meet someone Nice. It always had a kind of multiple singles events party aspect to it. But I think you're right that the kind of synagogue you grew up at Stephanie. It was not a big thing in the eighties nineties or arts. Now it's kind back. It also is the thing that kids do you dress up when you're a kid. I think you have little kids. You're engaged with it but like you sort of miss it in but I love the idea of bringing it back here. I WanNa make the the Sid Oppenheimer point that she makes every year which is growing up on the lower side in her family wasn't Orthodox practicing but they went to a number of different orthodox tools in the old days. You only dressed up as a character from the mcgilla that now you can be. Darth vader is really new. It's still kind of bothers her. Like you address up as esther or mortified or I'm sorry esther and mortifies for amateur? You should dress up as big. Ten and Terry Nichols are Zombie. Esther Shosh Empire mortar guy. You know it's funny. And Isaac Mizrahi was saying this last week that like he went into the goldfish and no one was going as anything other than tame and are mortified but also called me out on facebook for at the end of that interview wishing Isaac Ms Rocky a free looking Corum which I think is an Oscar added best unappropriate and isn't that isn't a well-deserved I accepted. I internalize it here. You although that person on facebook then suggested some sort of Latino Spanish or a movie that I don't think the Judeo Arabic speakers would say either. I think the person that suggested the wrong salutation. Isaac Mizrahi is. It's complicated understood. Fried like a poem with a good old fashioned coke somewhere hug. Pull him some hugs him. Happy had a joyous holiday to all of you. How many people in show last night mark came with bottles of Corona Beer? You Know Oh yeah. Oh I didn't see that I saw. We did a lot of shots so. Cj May who's a great guy goes to our Schule and is is a magician. He Does Environmental Magic environmentalist. Magic shows amazing guy if anyone wants to book a great environmental magician. This guy is like killer birthday parties. I'm sorry an environmental. Magicians like no fire. And now I'm GonNa make the ozone layer disappearing kind of kind of no. He does tricks that relate to climate change erosion. It's really amazing. What Smith J. May Dis but these see this glacier now you don't unsurprisingly he's DECI fantasy it he brought apparently Johnnie Walker. Black label has done a CO branding. With game of thrones or something like that something like that. So he brought the game of Thrones Label Scotch for shots afterwards which was pretty pretty dope but anyway it was just good to see as we were warming up inside. You'll that you know we. We were pretending it didn't exist. We were living in freedom from From Corona virus which apparently is a real thing outside of my synagogue. How are you guys handling cove? Nineteen guys current virus came for the Jews pretty quickly kind of shock right after recording. You guys laughing about this virus last week about this. If you can really straight to the Jewish community in Westchester I will say like as a person who is anxious and exhibits anxious behaviors and tendencies. This is not that great on the other hand. I'm like I've been. I wash my hands like every five seconds I have yes. I have hand sanitizer at my desk. It's a both matches my obsessive tendencies and enhances them to a real problematic degree. So I have to say that someone online an amazing tip on the Internet and not an actual line. Hope you're standing far away from them very far from an actual mind on on the on the blessed sterile internet which by the way what what a what a disease for our time right. It's like literally disease. You know this thing of community and like actually being with other people that humans are supposed to do no that's Dover now dance old no I I disagree you know. We had to cancel upcoming events which is very very sad for us. We rescheduling them and someone commented on the facebook thread about this aren cats. He says officials across the country are suspending services. And even vibrant Jewish communities are unable to congregate. Irl this virtual community is more important than ever. Thank you for making the difficult responsible call and for creating and maintaining this space. So I actually disagree with you. I think that maybe the Internet is bad. But there's an an extra onus on us racing thank God for us no. I'm saying that there was a really interesting point that actually these virtual communities are we're going to be finding solace corona virus has hit pretty close to home in Westchester as we mentioned and our intrepid associate producer. Seraphim neater is at home in Westchester with her kids. Who are quarantined from school. So we just wanted to call in and check up on her the things she does for this job. I have to say. Hello Sarah where are you and when did you last leave the house? What is outside? I don't quite remember. I'm located in Beautiful Scarsdale New York and Thursday afternoon. We got the note from my kids. School that the entire school is gorging. So we're on day five and we are allowed out on March seventeenth which is a week from today. Wow you have two children. They're how old taivon three. And when you say that you got a note from their school which is a Jewish day school that they are being quarantines two questions number one. Why and number two. By what authority do they quarantine quarantined? Because they found cases corona virus in my children's school. I don't know who obviously they're not informing us which is part of this. Wider Jewish community of Westchester spread of the disease at. This free has never been used more than it has in the past week with an abundance of caution. There's so many but they're finding more and more cases. The directive came from the Department of Health and in theory. It's a South Korean right. No one's standing outside my door. But all those lessons Making a little show desecrating. God's name is Jewish person. I don't WanNa be the person who is supposed to be under quarantine who then went out and spread it even further so sort of like what is the level of chaos in your house. Has everyone like rebels yet. I mean what are the activities the downside of having such small children as they really can't do anything on their own people who are team to have teenage children? Maybe it's difficult and it's only it's but those kids are off doing their own thing needs to be on my children all the time. The upside is that everything is exciting. Always kept to a very strict schedule. A activities you have a ton of supplies. My favorite podcasters.

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