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Dressing and behaving like Joe exotic that includes facial hair


You need tiger king of digital I love the tiger King update you know me well it's it people now are sure you know this is going to happen saw some say this is binge worthy and I watched it again last night and I would say more properly cringe worthy both are accurate anyway so Joe exotic obviously is kind of the guy that seems to be the star of the show but now there's a tiger King challenge are you aware of this no so people are posting photos of themselves is it a little more time at home dressing and behaving like Joe exotic that includes facial hair tattoos and leopard print clothing and trucker hats people are using their pets their stuffed animals and other people posing as lions or Tigers so don't be surprised so more today when you go to your social media you see photos of people dressed up like somebody from tiger King thanks I didn't watch it last I did watch it last night I I gotta tell ya

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Dressing and behaving like Joe exotic that includes facial hair

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