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Colbert nineteen it just it just it hit me man just


Yes well you know I wish heard profanely well but the everything's on hold so that do you have any ideas yes any any he is your your CPA in in Cape coral and fort my where's your C. P. actually located what what what city located in Cape coral all right so any idea any idea how your CPA came down with coronavirus the fort Myers southwest Florida actually we we have been growing with the amount of has been it's been doing it's becoming harder and harder everyone's focusing on like Miami area but southwest Florida there is a lot of cases down here well I know I know they're grown I know the growing statewide I see the counts here in Florida and I I just I you know for you to call unless I'm not doubting that the spread is occurring obviously in South Florida and areas in the Miami area in fort Lauderdale and other parts of the state the Tampa Bay area it's cetera in Pinellas county St Pete and Clearwater we know that the spread is occurring you know I guess you just it was just kind of up a shock that here you're calling the show I said Hey can you see PA give me or give you any advice here and then for you to use the whip out Hey my CPA you know in the fort Myers area has Colbert nineteen it just it just it hit me man just unbelievable

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Colbert nineteen it just it just it hit me man just

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