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Condemn people living in a


Deck again and wills divide out the states you can see them because you really have to see each state separately that's why I started with there are states where you've heard me talk about how concerned I was these are states that before the guidelines went out to or it right after the guidelines went out and you can look at it's on the website if you go to the health data dot org about when governors made clarity about closing their states as far as the social distancing the washing your hands the bars the taking doing take out and you can line that up with the presidential guidelines and not all states when the presidential guidelines came out immediately followed the presidential guidelines not all states did there are states that also may have gotten many more scenes from outside communities that certainly is one of the issues that New York and New Jersey Connecticut and Rhode Island are facing the virus came in from multiple places into those states it where it was on detected early on and they have a very logarithmic curve what I am saying is even one of those curves in one county in one city is one curve too many so I am passionate about everyone following the guidelines because of the out liar curves maybe that was a better way of putting the out liar occurs in specific counties is to make sure that doesn't happen anywhere else so would you feel better if every state did a stay at home for most of the states have done that I think if you

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Condemn people living in a

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