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It was just not certain yet


Yet okay NPR's Jackie Northam thanks so much my check thank you thank you you're listening to morning edition from NPR news I'm no well king and I'm David Greene and this is Casey R. W. industries across southern California been hit hard by the corona virus outbreak from tourism to entertainment to restaurants now a new half million dollar fund is being set up that will offer grants to small businesses in LA county affected by the pandemic KCRW's at cherry Glazer has details of that do you see system is the third largest employer in California with the work force of about two hundred twenty seven thousand president Janet Uppala Tano is pledging that the university will not lay off any career employees due to the pandemic the release June when the fiscal year ends that includes faculty and administrators but also gardeners and dining hall staff she says the university is very aware of the uncertainty facing faculty and staff and that we are in this together she says the school is committed to doing all we can to alleviate concerns about income more job stability when your body doesn't work it's a terrifying thing I don't know where it felt like I got shot the guy you're in pain you're confused because it's like I have this dirty secret and if I feel like a pervert and often

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It was just not certain yet

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