Boston - Gov. Baker Files Legislation To Provide Health Care Workers Liability Protections During COVID-19 Response


Governor governor Charlie Charlie Baker Baker files files legislation legislation to to protect protect healthcare healthcare workers workers and and providers providers from from lawsuits lawsuits over over corona corona virus virus treatment treatment decisions federal state law provides certain protections for health care workers and especially volunteers against lawsuits in civil liability during this pandemic or unprecedented times where our providers may be forced to make difficult choices and we're asking them to operating conditions but they've never planned for we need to make sure that the fear of getting sued doesn't prevent them from being able to do what they need to do to treat as many people as possible first the mission interactive the will maximize protections for health care workers and health care facilities under the federal public readiness and emergency preparedness act for the prep back the federal trap act on its own provides significant protections for health care workers the directive that I'm issuing will ensure that health care workers and facilities facilities to distribute and administer testing drugs and medical devices for this diagnostic image for the diagnosis and treatment of code nineteen are protected from lawsuits and liability to the maximum extent possible under the press act but the prospect is not cover all the situations are health care workforce may encounter and needs to be protected from during this particular pandemic because it's limited in some ways to certain aspects of the cove in nineteen response it doesn't cover everything we believe needs to be covered that's why we work with the attorney general's office with many folks in the health care advocacy and medical community with hospitals and the mathematical society to create additional protections in the bill that we filed earlier today the legislation would protect healthcare professionals including doctors nurses and EMTs as well as health care facilities from liability in lawsuits when the care they provide is impacted by the cove in nineteen emergency it also provides liability protections for the organizations that have generously made their facilities available for the Commonwealth and for many of our providers to use in response to this pandemic we speak with leaders and doctors from Massachusetts hospitals and healthcare organizations just about every morning and they are stepping up in a big way during this crisis and this bill will make sure that they are free to do their jobs the best they can in this unprecedented situation

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