Bernie drops out, COVID-19 rages on

Medicare for All


In honor of Bernie dropping out of the race we thought we would play a short clip about What he has to say about Medicare for all as he exits during he gave like a little concession speech from home in Vermont even before this horrific pandemic we are now experiencing more own more. Americans understood that we must move to a Medicare for all single payer program. During the primary elections exit polls showed in state after state a strong majority of Democratic primary voters supported a Siegel government health insurance program to replace private insurance. That was true even in states. Where out campaign did not prevail in every single state all Democratic voters overwhelmingly support Medicare for all. But it's actually not news if you've been following polling for a while because in fact a majority of Americans for quite a long time. Now at least a decade have supported Medicare for all even before Bernie ran for president. And I think really what's happening is that Bernie Gave political legitimacy to Medicare for all he actually made it so that we could demand it from We can demand what we wanted. What we've always supported Medicare for all From our elected officials and I think that is really. Actually it's not that Bernie Sanders brought Medicare for all of the masses and created this huge Bump and support for Medicare for all but that he just gave people permission to ask for it. Yeah I think I mean there were some polls from a few years back where there was even way more support for Medicare for all and I think partly. That's because they've changed how they were these polls now pretty much universally all the polling firms. Now use more biased. They don't actually use the phrase Medicare for say no it pulls well but yeah I think before Bernie ran the first time in two thousand sixteen. There was just a massive gap between the Democratic Base and Democrats in Congress and running for for President and I think his biggest accomplishment is to have started to close that gap that we now have a majority a bare majority support in in Congress in the house. He got more than a dozen senators on board for the first time So to me that was like the real accomplishment was starting to close the democracy gap within the Democratic Party which is no minor thing. Actually I was so sad when I saw that text this morning saying like Bernie. Sanders has a special announcement to make. I was like ooh. Maybe he's going to quit his campaign to start an actual revolution but no it's it's demoralizing I think I mean he. He had no pathway anyway to to becoming the nominee. I don't think at this stage but it's demoralizing to see kind of No champion left on the stage for kind of the basic rights. That especially at this moment during the current crisis have become so obvious glaring. And I have this moment every four years it turns out so although as you were saying. I don't think Bernie himself had a huge impact on polling numbers at least for Medicare for all one thing that has had a major impact is growing virus. It turns out we got our very first kind of post corona virus. Pull from the morning consults and they showed just a massive jump. Almost ten percent increase in national support for Medicare for all just month over month between February and March for Medicare for all so corona virus. Did what Bernie? Sanders has been trying to do these past. Yeah well corona verse for President Late Popular. Move Yeah I think this is really sort of a turning point in terms of the conversation about Medicare for all. I'm seeing pollsters or like you know. Well this bump endure through the virus which is just such a terrible heartache. I mean will people forget that. They lost their jobs and their health insurance during the apocalypse. Like I don't think that that's just a blip on the radar of the trajectory of their lives. And I think that you know we're we're living there truly is generational defining moment and we're watching. You know watching our healthcare system buckle under the pressure of this crisis is really gonNA stick with people. It's definitely gonNA stick with me. Yeah and unfortunately I mean what has really been exposed exposed. The the employer based healthcare system. Hasn't been colonel virus per se but the economic crisis caused by krona virus. An even I think once we start getting the public health crisis a little bit under control. We are still going to have this economic crisis to deal with and it's unclear how long that's GonNa last but it is going to translate into healthcare crisis of epic proportions. I think if we don't fix the healthcare system yeah and I think that this is really an opportunity for us to institute fixes in our safety net for example. Spain is right now. Instituting permanent universal basic income. I you know it was precipitated by the virus but this is something that their party has wanted to do for a long time and this has given an option or giving them an opportunity to finally get the ball rolling on. That program is because Andrea has moved to Spain. No very big man history. Take Their Ben. Yeah I think you know in terms of this. How how enduring is the impact on people's opinion towards Medicare for all? I think the biggest thing this crisis has done I think people are always GonNa have some anxieties and worries about Medicare for all especially since so many people in the United States have zero experience with other countries and other countries and the ones that do have universal healthcare so attack ads and scaremongering are going to continue to work but what the crisis is really done. I think is exposed. All of the alternatives is just stupid and totally inadequate. I mean flash back to some of these debates we had within the Democratic Party with Butch Itch and Amy Klobuchar. I mean think about the phrase you can you know you should be able to keep your workplace health insurance if you like it today right. I mean I dare them the truth. Dare Joe Biden Mountain saying the phrase hasn't spilled out of anyone's mouth and there's a good reason for it. I mean it was a lie to start with right. They're playing when you maintain this employer based healthcare. You can't keep your health insurance. If you want it you can only keep it if your boss wants to continue to give it to you and if the economy wants to allow you to have have the job in the first place so it was a lie then but I think it is totally exposed. How stupid linking health insurance to the workplaces and I was actually thinking the other day about. What is what is now. The Republicans healthcare plan during the krone of crisis. I have not heard the words. Repeal obamacare come out of any Republicans lips since this crisis started and. I don't think it's an accident anymore. Because it would be political suicide. I think with forty million potentially unemployed tens of millions of new people uninsured to now like pull out the skimpy remaining safe at last that has left to

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