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Prince's DJ to stream fundraiser for bar employees in Minneapolis


Here's something that's really cool as well I I saw Henry we kind of know the situation that a lot of restaurants are going through prince's longtime DJ's gonna live stream to raise money for employees of the poor house here in downtown Minneapolis or furloughed during the Copa nineteen pandemic DJ Dudley D. his real name is Dustin Meyer prince's former touring DJ current resident DJ at both the poor house locations downtown in uptown Minneapolis is storing a virtual party to help raise money for the bar staff that has been furloughed by the cobit nineteen pandemic he says that he knows most of the people in the service industry live month to month offer tips even week to week without that income showing up in the past two weeks and rent being do now he does first hand that they're struggling his wife is one of them he's worked with some of the people of the poor house for five plus years you can't just sit home I try not to do anything that's not in his

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Prince's DJ to stream fundraiser for bar employees in Minneapolis

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