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But then at the Mario or the him Mario the Andrew Cuomo at the governor Cuomo briefing


Guy tweeted out New York city's health care system is being pushed to the limit and sadly now so is the city system for managing our debt and he noted that New York morgues funeral homes and cemeteries were having to deal with the equivalent of an on going nine eleven but then at the Mario or the him Mario the Andrew Cuomo at the governor Cuomo briefing earlier today he said I've heard of this you would think that the governor of New York what we if we would have heard about this if they're gonna need to start burying bodies temporarily in New York City parks so Cuomo said I don't know I've never heard of this and even asked his other officials that were on the table with him anybody and nobody had heard of this but I came from the tweets of this bizarre New York City Council committee chairman and then the blood zero the blood zero comes out and says no no I I haven't heard anything to this effect well then it turns out that this guy then backtracks and says that yet no no plans right now this is just a contingency plan if needed but the other started all kinds of paddock they can start burying bodies in parks around New York that apparently is not the case now it is also important point out the thousands of new York covert nineteen patients are being treated with this anti malarial drug in combination with the anti biotic the reports from media here in New York as many as four thousand seriously ill corona virus patients are being given the combination of hydroxy chloride Quinn and the zithromax as the pack Zephyr myosin the standard common antibiotic which you typically get a Lizzy pack where you take yeah the the heavy dose right off the bat and then you take the total you know whatever you want each day it's usually one of six seven they course on the Z. pack right and of course president trump has Porsche hydroxy caloric win as a lifesaver a doctor found she has been much more reserved but governor Cuomo said that they're trying to get their hands on board as much of a supplies they can and governor Cuomo New York said that they would be using the zithromax the Zephyr myosin along with this caloric when as a a combination time is of the essence Albany university public health team David hold grave who is on the state's research team said in a statement a state health department officials said that the department of health is ship doses of hydroxy Clark went to fifty six hospitals around New York distributing enough to trade four thousand patients to date and patients have received doses as part of a four or ten day regimens of the drug and by the way the NYU Langone Medical School they got a nine point five million dollar grant from the gates foundation bill and Melinda gates at this point it seems to be an adult and we are getting anecdotal evidence from around the planet that this combination seems to be working for some patients and if you're potentially going to die he then you know I tend to agree with enough throw whatever you can and this now we do have that in a contrarian position we do have the president of the American medical association saying that this Unforgiven corona virus treatment could be fatal so from

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But then at the Mario or the him Mario the Andrew Cuomo at the governor Cuomo briefing

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