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US coronavirus deaths pass bleak 10,000 milestone


Coleman more than three hundred sixty eight thousand people have contracted the corona virus in the U. S. according to researchers from Johns Hopkins University nearly eleven thousand people have died a third of the U. S. deaths are in New York City alone there are clusters of cases in Detroit and New Orleans as well as in New Jersey health officials in Los Angeles are urging people in the region not to leave home at all this week in an effort to slow the virus NPR's Nathan rott reports the number of cases there continues to rise city and county officials in southern California have already closed hiking trails beaches and most public places to try to slow the spread of the corona virus but with the number of positive cases in Los Angeles county surpassing six thousand and health care workers warning that this could be a critical week officials are now asking people to temporarily skip shopping and avoid leaving home altogether if at all possible LA mayor Eric Garcetti says the social distancing appears to be working but that it's too soon for anyone to get

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