Boston - Increased resources for health care providers, expanded support for long-term care facilities, COVID-19 testing initiatives


Governor governor Charlie Charlie Baker Baker maintains maintains testing testing is is the the key key to to the the state's state's strategy strategy in in dealing dealing with with the the corona corona virus virus pandemic pandemic the governor noting they've been working aggressively to expand testing WBZ's Mike Macklin tells us the state plans to invest millions in the health care community governor Baker says the state recognizes the extraordinary financial impact the effort to deal with the coronavirus crisis is having on the state's healthcare institutions so the state will invest eight hundred million dollars in the healthcare community over the next four months this funding will support hospitals nursing facilities primary care providers behavioral health providers a long term service providers and supports for other providers impacted by covert nineteen more than four hundred million dollars will be allocated to hospitals more than eighty million will go to nursing facilities and more than three hundred million will be allocated to other health care providers the only doubles the amount the state has already spent on the coronavirus crisis and brings the total amount spent by Massachusetts to more than one billion dollars

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