The Medical Reason You're Craving Carbs Right Now

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Speaking of back to basics and the simple basics of life. Today's guest was kind of amazing. I learned so march. Yeah Dr Eldridge Taylor. And he is based in Atlanta. He's a board certified holistic doctor he started as an Obgyn and started to realize that you know there are a natural ways that we can really fortify our bodies in sort of get back to the basics as you said So he's got some great tips especially during this time of stress To number one boost immune system and Have a potato chip and know why it's okay. You're doing the right thing. Okay well stress. I mean almost. Everybody really understands that when they're under stress they're more likely to get a cold or flu or any other city or you know eighteen hours a day for two or three weeks. Are you're flying around? You know you're on a bunch of the sales calls all know you come? Home is more likely to get sick because stress and cortisol suppresses the immune system but we get works. Is that when the body is under stress? It is worried about dying right in there and it is saying. Hey we don't need to worry about something that's going to happen along Tam from now we've got to have all our resources toward whatever you're doing is eighteen hours of work. Whatever we gotta devoted so the immune system is suppressed so The first thing you need to do is to not panic. Panic one makes you make bad decisions. It CAUSES CORTISOL TO INCREASE CAUSES SYMPATHETIC. Nervous System TO BE ENHANCED. And so yet looking at you know it's great to look at the news and to be informed but looking at it twenty four hours a day is not good for. Ya told. I was on interview the other day. And said you need to binge-watch Nip flicks comedy special? You know but I do these days is I watched the morning news. First of all the morning news is always going to be friendlier than news. The evening is as working in immediate used. If if it bleeds it leads right so there it is what it is folks but the morning news generally tends to be a little bit more upbeat while you can still get those key headlines for the day for I don't understand why everybody a Netflix are. Watching shows like contagion were doing. We're living in living contagion. You need to laugh. You need to play. You need to go outside six feet away but you need to actually go outside. So what can you do? Here's how you can boost your immune system. Seventy percent of your immune system is in your gut and good. Bacteria in the gut will help control the immune system because what is happening with this virus by people at AMC is that their immune system is going. Overboard is being uncontrolled. It's actually attacking healthy tissue instead of just the hours. So probiotics will help to control the immune system so that doesn't go overboard now when it comes to things like vitamin C. Do you find that it's better to get it. From natural things like oranges or citrus. Or you should we just go for a supplement. Yes it's you know. The thing is I mean you'd have to eat a lot of oranges to get enough vitamin C. To really now it would be enough for the daily requirement but then daily requirement is to prevent scurvy. But if you look at the research When you're talking about is antiviral capabilities and and other things. You have to use more than talking about somewhere between a thousand and four thousand milligrams on pretty much consistent basis this. In order to really boost the immune system said that bag of mandarins bought yesterday and that had been just like funneling is is a joke me. In how many how much? I'd rather do that than the candy all day that would rather for. You've much vitamin C. Is in wine orange or Mandarin ballpark. Do you know you got me on that one okay. I'll have to look so on. That probiotic tipped you you. You know that was in the arsenal that you discussed. I get confused. An ICY probiotic in the Little Strawberry Yogurt drink. I give my daughter in the morning and then I see it in the vitamins that are not so active looking and then the other day I was in whole foods all gloved up and looking crazy and I noticed this really butte.

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