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So this week April. I thought we were Kinda start talking about fashion wink. We're on the tail end of the month of quote Unquote Fashion Week. We are currently witnessing all the Paris runway shows and I thought this would actually be a great opportunity to suggest a instagram. Follow to our listeners. At Robin Given our OB. I N. G. I. V. H. A. N. She's a fashion critic for the Washington Post and pass dressed guest that absolutely. She came on the show and our very first season to talk to us about the battle over cy which happened in nineteen seventy three and it was basically like a fashion show face off between French. Katori as an American designers. Yes so that was an amazing episode but she is an incredible critic. She's very thoughtful and insightful about her coverage of fashion that I think a lot of our listeners will really appreciate for instance today. She's posting about the Balenciaga show. And she's saying that. The show is thoughtful but she says quote. Thoughtful just stressful. It's very ominous. I think it's kind of a commentary on climate change. I haven't read much else about it. But she also has been writing about kind of the feminist ideologies that Inspire Maria Grazia. Carey's creations for Dr. And how you know that. The fashions and the runway she presents don't really reflect those feminists beliefs. They still reflect this kind of feminine ideal of a woman which is a little counter intuitive or counter to feminism for all women representing all women. That's something that's I guess. Problematic throughout fashion she also has commenting about Virgil Oslo off-white collection. She just doesn't get it. I don't know if you've seen that yet. But he was sending like half Parkas and half tool dresses down the runway. Yes and not only that but one of those tool dresses was actually ripped off. I think it was from givenchy. I don't know if Jeevan she but she ought. There's definitely been comparisons to victor and Ross tool creations and kind of cut out creations. Like it's definitely something that's definitely probably been done before. But I thought the fashion writer Tony Glenville who you could also follow on instagram. How To really insightful? Commentary about some of the collections? That have hit the runway today and he wrote that it's time fashion. Stop treating US too. Don't care close. You know kind of these clothes that we can't really wear in real life. He says you know when you start thinking. The future and designing fashion aware in the real world think about fashion to keep and cherish and fashion to make women look strong and confident. It's not taking the fun out of fashion. It's actually thinking on the subject of fashion as Global Business. And he goes on. That fashion is a creative force. An employer of millions repository of tradition. And Crass let's think about how it can survive in the future and then I wanted to kind of talk to you about this April because he ends with costume belongs in museums. Fashion belongs in our lives and I was curious what your thoughts are on about that. Do you agree with him? Well I mean I think. That's some problematic terminology in terms of exactly how we as fashion historian. Use those words right because all fashion is costume but all costume isn't necessarily fashion. Does that make any sense? Yeah and I think. He's trying to distinguish between this idea of like fashion as as costume as kind of like this performance. Art as a something. That isn't really representative of what we would wear in every day and specifically he was talking about the mosquitoes down by Jeremy Scott. I'm recently which he literally had. It was very much a let them eat cake. Marie-antoinette moment with like tons of Pan Yeas and women in the you know those huge waves reflective of late eighteenth century fashion but they literally came down the runway dressed cakes and like references to eighteenth century panelled gown so a lot of people probably aren't going to wear those clothes. I guess the argument would be if we're just creating fashion for. I guess this like a federal shock value to send it down the runway. Is it still worth it? Should we be doing that or should we be more conscious of the environment and creating fashion? That isn't actually meant to be put on bodies. Well I that actually kind of leads me into the the follow that I want to talk about. Because you said WHO's GonNa wear these things? Well perhaps this next segment of the fashion buying public. Which are drag Queens? So I can definitely see some of those drag Queens on Rupaul drag race adoring that mosquito collection and I would like to recommend to. Our listeners is to follow an instagram account. Called at Drag Bombs D. R. A. G. B. O. M. B. S. and this instagram account is hysterical is actually run by the brother of a former dressed guests. Terrace ain't James. Who CAME ON SEASON? One and talk to us about the intersection in history a sustainability in the fashion industry but her brother. Jordan. He's hilarious. He is obsessed with repulsed dragway. And He's also obsessed with lush products. The cosmetics Carney and so what he does he finds pictures of drag queens and then pairs them up with the lush product that they're outfit and they are hysterical. Some of them are so dead on and so perfect. I showed it to a couple of my friends one time and I tell everybody to follow this all the time. And they're like oh no he has to be the designer of the products and the drag queens are his inspiration but no no no. No that is not the case. He's just really really good at this. So if you WANNA put a giggle in your day follow Jordan on drag vase and I promise you it's GonNa show Ganic smile at your face. I know and I just speaking of. I've never seen this account so I just went to it. And it's Jordan the Raven Claw Lachey. A master bather and he says no drag. Queens harmed in the making of this account. It is pretty incredible. How spot on a lot of these comparisons are. Wow okay well check that out dress listeners. Instagram accounts for you to follow and check out some other things for you to watch them suggestions of some films. I would like to suggest that I just watched. Actually this past week I came across. It's actually a couple years old but I had not seen it. It's a documentary called my generation. That's streaming on Amazon. Have you heard or seen of that? April I have not but you better bet I'm GONNA put it on my list now. I really really liked it Because it is almost entirely comprised of archival footage and photographs. So there's no there's no inter spicing with interviews of people in the modern day there. They just take those voices from those interviews. It's narrated by Michael Caine. It's kind of like has generation and his experience in the nineteen sixties and he interviews. People like famed photographer. David Bailey models penelope tree Mary. Quant twiggy Vidal Sassoon. People interviewed there so integral to this period. And this this documentary. That's really about in the nineteen sixties it just reveals how integral fashion was to the experience of the nineteen sixties by all these interviews. So I highly suggest checking that

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