Tom Golisano Shares How to Build a Successful Company


My next guest personifies the American dream. He built a company from three thousand dollars a credit card to having over three billion dollar valuation. Tom Gal Asano is an entrepreneur. Philanthropist civic leader and former owner of the bus buffalo SABRES NHL team. He's also the founder and chairman of the Board of paychecks with more than fifteen thousand employees and one hundred locations nationwide paychecks of the leading provider of payroll human resources and benefits outsourcing for small and medium sized businesses. Active in both business and philanthropy. Tom Currently mentors the entrepreneurs who run businesses in which he has invested and overseas his family's charitable foundation. Today's donate over three hundred million dollars to a wide range of charnel causes. He's just come out with a great new book. It's called built not born. It's a how to guide to help much. Moore's Tom Welcome to the show to be here with US morning. Well I know you've told the story many times but please go back for our listeners. And tell us how. Did you start a company on three thousand dollars in credit card? Well I was a sales person the sales manager for a payroll processing that specialized in doing payroll processing for larger companies. One hundred employees or more. But you drive down any street. In the United States you'll

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