You see what's happening to me Donald it's all the Jews two for three dollars


Dollars she'll soul got the new spicy chicken this season it doubles the six piece chicken McNuggets all yeah that's three Bucks alone not only no I don't limited time offer prices participation may very not valid for delivery cannot be combined with any other offer couples single item at regular price this morning at McDonald's you can get a hot satisfying breakfast from eighty seven dollars eighty nine to be exact because from five to ten thirty AM you can get a sausage McMuffin with Melty American cheese savory sausage biscuit or crispy chicken biscuit for just eighty nine cents only the griddle masters at McDonald's can make the left double soul economical so save your pretty pennies and wake up breakfast with McDonnell right limited time only cannot be combined with any other offer couple we don't drop ship back to you one of those territories mediante center Thursday March fifth is the cats take on the Boston Bruins at seven PM enjoy a five dollar beer Thursdays on the mess decks of course like cold stone and participating stands for tickets and information visit for feathers dot com or download the financial apps like the Florida Panthers is your favorite team presented by Cleveland Clinic Florida where you can access your tickets and read a map of the B. B. and T. seven my kids love to play in our yard but so do we and we

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