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We spoke we were talking about getting in and out of Tokyo some of the things to do and Tokyo and we kinda hinted at other areas that we could explore the which are either day-trips outside of Tokyo or areas. That are arranged getaways. Exactly exactly so usually Tokyo is a good hub to start from. It's accessible you can get in and out of IT EASY. Great hotels lots of stuff to do. But if you're adventurous and you WANNA head on outside of Tokyo. There's some really cool places at Tokyo when you go to Japan right well. Yeah I mean there's there's plenty to do and to do in Tokyo but if time allows exactly so we wanted to share with your couple of short trips that you can easily take you in and out of a Tokyo and we're GonNa hit you know several of those cities so last we talked we were talking about getting around via Jr. the Japanese rail and within Tokyo even from all the major airports you can get into Tokyo central really really easily. And when you hit stations like Tokyo station or even Shinjuku or Yokohama. There are Shinkon San or the the bullet trains that can take you to all other parts of Japan. And so we're gonNA talk about you. Know How you cruise around from Tokyo to other places using the railroad jerry. Easy probably the most convenient way to do it. Is Well well. I've always taken a car over my grandpa drove or my dad. Or however you remember Susan when we've traveled as family that we've always kind of jumped on. We have a car as well but Wisconsin took the Shinkansen to bigger family right so anyway so the first one that we WANNA hit. This is the city call. Hakuna I'm sure a lot of people have seen this word on a guidebooks more from friends or people who's been there. It's a very popular destination. It's an easy weekend getaway in Japan when we talk about Hakuna. Japanese people have to hit hot spring over very well known area. It's a it's a hot spring resort area it right and then you can see a beautiful Mount Fuji. Oh my gosh now. In good reason why. That's the center. Excuse me hot. Spring areas because Mount Fuji is there and IT'S A. It's still a dorm but it's an active volcano if you will. It's the tallest in Japan that is correct. Fuji IS THE HIGHEST VOLCANO IN JAPAN. At over three thousand seven hundred meters or twelve thousand feet and is the second highest volcano in an oven island in all of Asia. I'm an international treasury. Yes absolutely in. It is one of the more prominent symbols of Japan. Yes Yup it's so pretty and it's worth going. Who's the Hukou on Easel National Park Now? I sound very Japanese. It's west of Tokyo. If you look at the map of Japan right right and it takes about eighty five minutes an hour and a half or two hours if you take a probably the easiest way you WanNa take a train is by Docu or Docu. Od A K Y you railway docu railway operates. It runs between Tokyo Shinjuku Station to GonNa Yumoto station. Okay and one way journey. I think there are a couple of different types of nanny. It's a limited express right right and then the other one is a little bit slower Express trains coupon right. But I think it's like a little bit over my two thousand. Three hundred men check the rate. You know the latest one but It's it's a very reasonable and you can also take a bus in like I said I when I was younger. We always just drove. Takes a while on the traffic begins. We always travel during the holiday seasons. Four hours you know five hours Roy Moore. I know so. We highly recommend that. It's this whole amount area. The Hukou owner area in capacity hakuna shrine. Which is a Shinto shrine. And it's just a there are tons of hot springs. The food is great is easy access from Tokyo. I really really highly recommended such a pretty area to visit and there's such a variety of things to do over there as well. I mean not only do you have this magnificent view of famous Mount Fuji? I mean on a clear day. Perhaps you can see Mount Fuji and the distance from Tokyo. It is southwest of Tokyo. Roughly about one hundred kilometers southwest to Tokyo and again it dominates the western Side of the prefecture there. But when you get up towards it and you can see it in all its majestic beauty. It's quite breathtaking. Very lovely so just a few things. You know that I can point out the fun things to do the top attractions in Hukou Hukou hot springs. Oh my gosh is there are a lot of them so you like hot springs. I think it's like a must do and in from our talks about The shoe were big fans of average super clean. It's the scenery that surrounds hot springs and the hospitality. And it's multi course. Meal comes within. It's nothing like you know our Western style. Spa It's a very different immersive experiences. Definitely some you should check out. Troy experienced one hundred percent and other attractions. The other one is a good unease very very famous e you can also smell the so far though soul. I but it's the it's a crater created by the last major eruption of Mount Hakuna and one of the interesting thing is they sell these eggs as you see them everywhere throw in. It's called healthy eggs and and they believe it adds seven years to your life if you eat eggs about if you want to give a shot. Hey who can? Who can't use another seven years right? Come on yeah but but Walker done is actually quite a site. The big crater. It's interesting yeah. It's really quite something and when the weather is nice spring summertime fall is beautiful with leaves changing color one about lake. Ashi no go A. S. H. I. N. O. K. O. R. She no-go it's a lake. It's it's a Caldera Lake. It's just a picturesque. You get a beautiful view of Mount Fuji. You when you go there. There are a lot of like a boat trips that you can take. That's another run on. Luger attraction there that if you go to coney area I I really recommend that as one of the attractions you can go and check it out. Oh I haven't mentioned the the very famous Hakone Shrine Omega. Gosh Yes oh my God. This is so famous you need to go check it out right. It's it said it's located at the end of the lake. Ashi NOCCO that I just talked about It's in a forested area. You see lanterns and Tori literally you gauge. The regular dance right. Yeah it marks the entrance to the shrine And it's pretty impressive. That's really pretty absolutely and just to see those those gates as you know because I don't know something about that. It just reminds me of Japan. We've seen them in different shrines and stuff like that. Oh my God. Spectacular blends in with the scenery in a bill. Leads you to the entrance of the shrines. And it's just it's absolutely spectacular to

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