Not Everyone Gets To Use iPhones In The Movies


They let us iphones in movies. But and this is very pivotal. If you're ever watching a mystery movie bad guys cannot have iphones on camera. Who said that. I don't even get it if the if you're watching a mystery movie bad guys can't have iphones on camera. This famous director who directed one of the biggest mystery films of last year. Said Apple will never let you put an iphone in the hands of a villain. Oh it's bad. Pr For them. Was the biggest mystery film of last year knives out. Yes okay so this is the point. Yes so Ryan Johnson Director of the film knives out which I saw twice in love. It's great talking Vanity Fair this week and he said yet. This is a dirty little secret of Hollywood Apple Iphone to look a certain way and movies and they don't want to be tied to the villains

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