How to Get a Job in Voice Tech with Allys Parsons, VoiceTech Recruiter & Operations Director at techire.

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I had Alice Parsons. She is the voice tech- recruiter and operations director at Tech Higher. So excited to have you here. This is a really big topic especially with everything going on so welcome Alice. Yeah thanks for having me here very important time like you said so great vote. Yes so I'd like to start off with you you know. How did you kind of get into this space? What is it that you really enjoy about it? The most yes. Sure so Quick background about me. So on a previously Ron's tech startups. Not as where. I found my passion. The technology may even on. I now run a recruitment agency with my partner being done for nearly a year. Now missile Would around on a recruitment things so it will really began when we received a free system Account so I'm ready used or set so we started playing around with it and found that ready entrusted. We were up time working with voice company so it made sense to sort of niche down into the area is still fairly niche in terms of recruitment side of things with invoice so widely being focusing on today is illness of really strong relationships and people have been welcomed into the industry yet been ready great so far to turn off or reading. My main focus to date has been you know. Gadsby people will see him without them. Ready to vote in my own knowledge about voices while yeah. I think even before everything that's been going on you know we're recording this in March twenty twenty there's obviously craziness and people wanting to get jobs but even before that you know like you said voice. Technology is still fairly new. So there's been a lot of questions from people trying to get work in this space so I'd love to start with. What are some of the top roles in boys technology that recruiters are looking to hire for like? I said it's still fairly new despite being Bush Being around with the question now in terms of the recruitment side of things. A lot of the stills of uncertainty like. Why'd you look these rose? People are still unsure so with that being said there are in my opinion. Quite number of rolls out there or while. You're actually finding them. I would say to choose for key. Areas may stay casses on oviously software So you know you need for software. Developers topsy build voice applications but from of conversations. I've had with many people in the industry compensation designers you actually buy that. So saying is I think previously the focus has been a lot more on the software development side of things but the conceptional designers of side is just as important so also have seen personally more than a focus on not recently. So I think that's key in terms of understanding sort of US ever research Vince or music flag creation. And things like that. So that's really important behind the whole Voice application rather than just focusing on the development. So I'd say an interesting one which allow people in the industry now about but maybe people that aren't in the industry so much see is like linguistics side of things so really understanding how people are onto harder steps of different voices. So got again is one that you Swiss him. Not more of but still like I said very early days so I think. The two main focuses hardly around software developers designers. Do you find that. A lot of the companies. You're working with are they. Voice Technology companies or are you also seeing larger organizations realized that they need an internal voice team as well yet? So I've personally seen most of is like agencies? So did you agencies already. You know. Offer Optimal Web Applications on that sort of I don voices one of services. What's the main focus? I've seen think as especially this year Hickory with what's going on rent have too much of an impact I think is. Larger corporations are already Of Jump On that so bandwagon mission see. The voice is here to stay in. Just you know some thought that was you know around for few years They're gonNA see increase on. You know that sort of jumped on that as well and you know a lot of people will say again even before the craziness that's happening in the world today. We'll say we'll I apply to jobs and I don't hear back and I know as someone who's a branding person I always talk about. You can't just put the same resume for every single thing that it's going to work so from your standpoint. What is a recruiter or company? Look for in a resume. When hiring specifically within the voice technology space oversee keeps at it but because it is quite a niche industry At the moment is looking at transferable skills so uncertain personal skills so of those things can transfer into voice. Say for example. Someone that's crates. His sly could problem. So then someone that's like enthusiasm drive initiative whose interpersonal skills really. Even there there are general they can really help within the voice space so is really important. Things like not to include on your resume but as well you know hobbyists so a lot of people expect to the majority of the they build voice goes in that time dot ratios commitment and winning this as a person so to me. That's very attractive when the conflict resumes if someone has done Show that on their resume. Straightway a you know a big tip on me cos I spoke to. They really are looking is quite knee show. Everyone's going to have lewd voice experience. But if someone's go interest in it it's a really good thing. Yeah and I think that's a good point and I would say that goes across the board. That's not just waste technology. Here's somebody listening in. You are not working right now. I think it's imperative to start creating on your own time. Because like you said that shows initiative creativity. It shows that you're curious and you're trying and that is definitely attractive again across the board but obviously within this thing as well you have some people that have already worked in voice that are looking for work and you people that don't work in voice but to do. You have any specific suggestions. Were maybe examples of resumes. You seen that were written in a way that showcased what you just talked about really well are seen so ev- a few different types Arose but again the thing that stands out when you speak the is when they've included things they've done invoice or entrust things or skills that they're interested in if I've spent people when's scholar out speaking simpler cutback resume and sore. Not Flexing. Larry I have gone back and made suggestions to them for them to potentially amended. I'm up to date but it does help so I think it does depend on each person in each row if you include as much as you can. Even sometimes we say Kobe include on my cv because then screening us not necessarily the case especially in the Industry. Where is very niche so Worth including what you can and one of the questions I had recently from the voice community is that because this is a new space. The challenges that some people that are looking for jobs. Don't even know what the proper title is and people that are putting out jobs. Don't know what the proper is that they should put either. Can you give some examples? So you said Software Development Conversational Design. You X. UI in kind of linguists or the top at this point. Can you give some examples of like? Should SOMEBODY BE LOOKING UP? The word voiced developer. Let's start with that one. I what are some terms or words that people should be looking at as far as a direct job in that space. I think it's very difficult to say this time. Just because there is so absurd much. You know there's no clear guidelines for example with this in general if someone was looking for software development jobs before it's not software engineer so you still have no too tight end. I guess there's some confusion excited around. The voice side of things will have seen is gone on to Voice Company for example that website in the hiring not necessarily have they cooled the job that harm for example developer. It's just software developer. Which is fine. But that's probably because they may not expect you know it's difficult so they might not have as much applications if they cooler voice developer were. Because you know there's no huge amounts of people out so I think from what I've seen for example for those actually not voice developers. I have tried to put in on Google myself to swap. See what comes up on while the first few results? It says voice about pressure when you click on it it just turns into development job in Scotland student. Voice is quite difficult to know what key words in and it does really vary so no the majority of companies are specifically putting in voice or anything to some do again. It depends on the road. So and all of the things our conversational could come conversational designer. Compensation developer so. I think it is still very sort of a different stage to know so look for which is against the reason why we decided to get into the space. So there's a sort of one person that you could like Somewhere you can go centrally. And so find those. Those jobs invoice travel the won't know because like I said if you put on Google search the like the findings of you know you go into but there are actually jobs outlined. It's just finding them. Yeah and do you have any recommendations again? Either people already in the voice text base for people that want to as far as continuing education that they should get. Are there any type of online classes if they could be doing that would kind of help their resume or help the conversation in an interview and Of Resources out nine one thing I found pushing even even Iceland came into the community. Was You know? Everyone's very open with Sharon mortgage dares in okay so is good so community to learn from. There's a lot of different things. So for example that whole concept like inside voice that you can listen to From is of China's different Trini channels as well for example slack. What's up the local paper on a baton.

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