Fitting In - burst 06

High Noon


Chase young. You Take Haskins turns out to be better then great then we can trade to okay another role. We're not saying we're dumping Haskins. We're forgetting about weight. Hassles were given up on Haskins. What embattled up. Katie would you give up on Haskins? That's exactly what you're saying you're giving up on Haskins. The question is whether it's time to give up on Haskins. I don't think we have a big enough sample size to know. I don't know nobody cares what I think are how I would draft strategies and I'd take to cause to was good. I want my fantasy league. I don't think that qualifies me to say whether or not I take two with the second pick. Joe The cardinals do the game off for everybody last year when they took the Murray the year after they take Josh Rosen but the thing about that was Kingsbury was bringing in this new system and Murray seemed to be a perfect fit for that system. Also lean all in. You went ahead and did it. If you're doing this Haskins your explicitly saying we think this guy is a bug is he above? I have seen some bum. Light characteristic ultimately turn out but if you are not in on Haskins in your all in onto if you really believe that guy that's the guy you take except chase young surest thing in the draft right sure Joe Borough Shirley anybody else so you go walk away from the surest thing in the draft. He's got a guy you think you like. It's Washington of course they're going to walk away from short because of the guy they have has high potentials type bump threshold. I'd say this I didn't see anything last season as his star potential. I saw nothing from has gone. Going to pro bowls at some point. Didn't see you chase young though every time like. What are you supposed to do with kids that get x? Watch it it ain't gonNA take. That will make up for

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