Asian Shares Tumble On Virus Worries


And Brian we are seeing significant selling coming through across a number of key Asian markets today yes this spread outside China particularly with South Korea this morning announcing so many new cases another hundred sixty one cases investors very nervous the crosspiece trading down sixty three points now that's a drop just under three percent for that index no trading in Tokyo today some of the other big losses include the ASX two hundred trading down two point two percent and the hang Seng index here in Hong Kong off one point three percent the China markets are faring a little bit better with the CSI three hundred trading down about a half of one percent this consideration here that the spread outside China might run unabated and that could bring down global growth and so investors are selling and we've been musing in the in the markets live blog that this is one dip that maybe investors will be slow to buy and that's what we're seeing this morning out of single market is trading higher some of the haven investments are higher gold for instance sixteen hundred sixty three dollars and eighty cents and bitcoin is higher just under ten thousand now with a gain of two point four percent some of the selling in the Chinese currency the CNH now seven oh four eighteen although off the worst levels of the day trade on the weak side of seven oh five billion now one eleven fifty eight so lots of action in the

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