'Jump The Shark!'


Week we begin show on the bridge. Dr Floyd Steinman spaceship. Grant is currently on the phone all right but it's just for the week right hand. Okay I'll send you the coordinates to transport him up okay by Doug Degree in my aunt her and my uncle or occasion for a week and they need me to watch my nine year old cousin Oliver. No Way Dirk Agreement. We already have our hands with Mr Gene. I'm sorry Dr Floyd there's no way around it. I are already sent her the coordinates. He's transporting up right now. Dr Grant you should always clear these things with me. I. I'm sorry. Just hope he doesn't keep us from rehearsing for the big settled river talent competition. He won't get in the way he's a good kid from prior to receive a new passenger. Let's check that Vile Villain Dr Steve. Who is also busy with preparations? What better way to humiliate Dr Floyd than to beat the pants off him at the Cell River Talent? Competition? What do you mean? It's a bad idea? Don't be silly when I do my soft shoe tap dance on these homemade stilts the judge will have no choice but to name me. Saddle River's most talented resident. That's true I've never walked on stilts before but seriously. How hard could it be no hadn't me the duct tape? I need to join these two pieces of wood together. Steve finds noise to push the bounds of ignorance. Let's check in with our heroes who are currently in the practice time and space ship rehearsing their number for the settle river telling competition. I remember on the core issue. I want to see big smiles. And don't forget your jazz names. Ooh That's the transporter notifications looks like. Oliver has arrived. Great radio engine temporary to go pick them up at the transporter room on his way. Back with our costumes. Remember the first time we met in temporary. I share do it. Was that when we're facing all those dangers ownership need to find some way to check out the Galley. You're right Dr Flight I know. Why don't we use the ship's red-shirted expendable crewmen red-shirted expendable crewmen every ship and every science fiction series comes standard with at least one red-shirted expendable crewmen for these various situations. That way we can have the drama of a crew member loss on the show and yet not let it affect the main cast had no idea. Please report to the bridge into temporary. Please report to the bridge immediately temporary. That's an unfortunate name fitting unfortunately Anson Ferrari reporting for duty. Sir You prepared to go into a dangerous situations are yes sir to situation you may not return from Zar. Let us what. I've been trying for search as good. You'll check out the Galley sir. Eddie shoulder it's a shame. Lose him someday Yuppie to hit now. Let's focus people. The competition is in two days. According for practice with costumes and cousin Oliver Sir thank you into all of our. How are you buddy? I'm doing great cousin. Dr Grant. Thanks for letting me stay on your shift. Bro. We don't mention it. Yeah NO JINPING COUSIN DR grant to see. Have such a small head what you see. When he was little he had a really big head and then one day he invented a real gateway. Please get back to practicing the dad's taken from the top here. We go five six seven eight and one tree and kick and one to step in and could you please watch where you're putting those big feet of yours do the right steps and keep them out of my way. I wouldn't step on you drive me so quietly sometimes Mr prairie joy yourself stewardess Christie you and your stupid registered. Well I hate you and your stupid complimentary Coffee Tea and soda. I love you. Kristie relationships heat up on Dr Shepherd. It's time for a very special segment with Dr Stephen Fitch. Can You bring me those paint cancer? The Hobby Cabinet. As soon as I'm done standing this last stilts I want to put the first layer of paint. I think now. I just need to send out this lack Richard. We need to make a time and space jump back home. I need to talk to start to Stephen. Fiterman and space jump to see a doctor. Let's return to the ship. Dr Floyd what we joined the first ever wedding and the time and space free new engine temporary flight attendant Christie to be your lovely when it waged use or into you floated in Christie. Take engine temporary to be your lovely wedded husband then by the power vested in me as captain of this time and space ship. I know pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss. Kissing is so hush cousin Oliver. Congratulations you too okay. Now let's get back to practicing for tomorrow's telling competition reflecting back to that rehearsals. Let's second Steve who is now sitting in the Central River medical centers examination room. Twenty-seven beat if it to me straight talk I can handle it. I reviewed your charts and it would appear you have a splinter no now. I'm going to use a pair of tweezers here. Hold stills there we go what a brave big boy. Here's a lollipop and let that be a lesson to you about woodworking safety. Always wear gloves. Thank you doug to just sit tight here and I'll send in nurse McGinley and he'll give you a band aid for that. Steve is just the Medical Center in home. We'LL TALK TO STEVE. Able to beat Dr Floyd in the Saddle River talent competition.

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