Coronavirus kills additional Diamond Princess cruise passengers, reports say Israel close to discovering vaccine



More information on corona virus a self updates from ABC news the FDA is now announcing that the issue of of the drug shortage is is a possibility again these drugs will be ramped up fairly quickly you would imagine Japan has report report a couple additional time in princess cruise ship deaths individuals were a British man in the Japanese when they were the fifth and six passengers to die from corona virus after being aboard the quarantine at cruise ship of course like seven hundred people were actually infected under quarantine cruise ship so not a huge surprise that many people die because that if there were eight hundred people infected what aboard the cruise ship in six or seven people die that's obviously tragic is obviously terrible but that means the death rate is not ten percent or or twenty percent or even five percent so D. D. right right now China still leads the way in from the number of infections apparently at least twenty hundred people according to WHO's South Korea has the second highest national total of coronavirus cases behind China more than eighty one thousand people tested in that country about twenty three hundred had tested positive for coronavirus more than thirty thousand others awaiting test results at this point meanwhile a majority of America out of the cases who were on board the diamond princess cruise ships the the the people in the United States were diagnosed with the disease they were on board that diamond princess cruise ship those placed under quarantine in Japanese waters no American has yet died from corona virus the CDC is investigating the source of the various infections that haven't seen around the country the FDA said on Thursday it was not aware of any reports at this time of human illnesses that you just like run a virus can be transmitted by food or buy food packaging meanwhile there is the other big story from the US government is the whistleblower within the U. S. department health and Human Services had filed a complaint alleging that more than a dozen workers were sent for seed the first Americans repatriated from China without proper training or protective gear for coronavirus infection control this is reported by The Washington Post they suggested the corona virus basically was treated with without any sort of protective gear according to this whistleblower the underlying complaint apparently has not been substantiated at this point a spokesperson for the US office of special counsel confirmed it received whistleblower complaint in the case has been assigned when asked for comment US department health and Human Services spokesperson Caitlin Oakley told ABC news we take always lower complaints very seriously and are providing the complainants all appropriate protections under the whistleblower protection act of value in the complaint have nothing further to add at this time ABC news has not revealed the complaint lawyers representing whistleblower have refused to provide the complaint one of the whistle blowers attorneys told ABC news that the allegations laid forth are accurate this is we are hopeful Congress in the OS you will investigate this case in a timely and comprehensive manner there's no evidence by the way that anybody who actually met the folks coming back for more than that any of those those folks were actually infected with coronavirus none the less that is leading to questions about the the federal handling of this entire situation now what with all of that set there's no question that the Democrats in the media are making hay out of all this Brian Stelter was saying we may be looking at a crisis and meanwhile we're having a crisis in leadership okay we're not anywhere near crisis point United States at this point as we are just not we're not in fact is that we have double digit numbers of the actual infected in the United States is only sixty total infected in the United States in a country of three hundred thirty million people in zero deaths so far so the notion that we are like on the verge of a widespread outbreak now this stuff is good a good move but there's no evidence at this point that a pandemic is in the offing in the United States particularly since the US has done a fairly good job it seems so far of quarantining people meanwhile over in Israel the reports that Israeli scientists are on the cusp of developing the first acting against the novel coronavirus according to science and technology minister over conus I look for to Bernie Sanders or she had to leave I know how to Omar suggesting boycott divestment sanction from the coronavirus vaccine because it's produced in Israel if all goes as planned the vaccine could be ready within a few weeks in available in ninety days according to a press release so we'll see you know how well this this coronavirus vaccine works but at least there are some glimmers of hope on the

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