COVID-19 testing site opening at Citizens Bank Park in South Philadelphia this afternoon, but with restrictions


In the city of Philadelphia officials here are taking additional steps they're hoping to slow the spread of the virus in the city the city now has twenty three new confirmed cases that is as of Friday our city hall bureau chief out loads houses that brings the total number so far the sixty seven some of the increase in covert nineteen cases may flow from better access to testing according to health commissioner Tom Farley but we have to assume that most of that increase represents the increase spread of this virus in Philadelphia he says there are now twenty test sites which have done nearly three thousand tests in the last three days with results pending the newest is a drive thru sites set up with state and federal partners in the stadium area because of test kits shortages all the sites have criteria so people with symptoms who are ill or elderly should call their providers first and those without symptoms or who are young and healthy should not get tested save those testing kits for people who really need it social distancing remains the order of the day with the city now shutting down construction sites though on a longer timeline and the governor wanted meal sites for students have moved out of rec centers which are now closed new locations will be posted on the city website the director of interfaith affairs revenue me Lee part as churches not to hold in person services they won't always be this way this is just a season is a season full of uncertainty and illness and perhaps even loss but we will emerge from this at city hall Pat Loeb KYW

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