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Out of the Tokyo twenty


Out of the Tokyo twenty twenty summer Olympics saying that they're not going to send any athletes to this country because of course of what's happening with the global corona virus pandemic they're also calling on Japan to postpone the games until next year saying it's not just for athlete health it's also for public health as well now the Olympic flame arrived in Japan last week but the welcome ceremony was largely pared down with the event closed to the public and hundreds of people dis invited the torch relay though is still scheduled to start this week from Fukushima the region that was hit by nine point oh quake a massive tsunami and a triple nuclear reactor explosion back in twenty eleven it's an scheduled to travel across the country until the opening ceremonies kick off on July twenty fourth that is if they happened then or even at all on Sunday the international Olympic committee's executive board said it would have a decision on postponing the games in the next four weeks that would give all participating countries three months to adapt to any decision that's made the international Olympic committee did add that no cancellation is planned for the games but that a scaled down version of the event could happen as for the United States no official word on whether they're going to withdraw from the games but you were swimming and track and field have both called for the games to be postponed grainy Inocencio CBS news Tokyo

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Out of the Tokyo twenty

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