Jameela Jamil Has an Ambitious Goal: To Feel Things


It's the hilarious world of depression. I'm John Mel on this episode person who has become famous in America rather quickly as a Sitcom star and an outspoken activist. The Sitcom has ended but the activism. Who It's just getting started. Hello my name is Jamila Djamil and I am at the Hilarious Weld Off. Depression and And what do you do for a living? I'm an actor and activist at a pain in the US. Three job titles multifaceted. Jamila Djamil was a TV and radio host or presenter in England for several years. Welcome to fish. Wrap up with me. I am here to deliver onto you all of the latest chart news and gossip in less time than it takes to make a couple of so last Sunday Cigna American audiences. I got to know her playing honey. Djamil the name-dropping high-society Londoner on the NBC. Moral Philosophy Sitcom the good place. But we've been through a lot swell you. I haven't been this upsets. My good friend Taylor was rude. Yep Stage in Konya was defending my best friend. Say Jamila grew up in London. Her parents emigrated from Pakistan and India says. Her family had a lot of mental health problems. Schizophrenia OCD bipolar depression suicidal. Ibm for Jamila. There was anxiety. There was depression and coming to grips with a lot of trauma. I wouldn't say who within my entire giant family unit because South Asian families huge. But there was an abusive background. Came From and A lot of bullying at home and at school That happened to us. Because we were Pakistani and My Dad is I think. Technically Indian We were South Asians living in a very racist time in Britain such as very tense existence to grow up in where people constantly hounding you with racial slurs calling you a monkey and not wanting to sit next to you at school and just a general night Great doesn't doesn't so no it was really bad. I'm amazed I made it out of my. I've made it our of my twenties even but I've had like a full nervous breakdown gone completely just totally lost it looking back on it now. It was pretty bleak. She had big time mental health issues but she says South Asian immigrant. Culture didn't talk about that kind of thing and neither did British culture. What was being talked about? Was the necessity for girls to be ridiculously skinny. And Jamila Developed Anorexia so I think is a combination the fact that I was growing up in the nineties and so- Heroin Chic could time the adults using non ironically. Where you to? In order to be beautiful you had to emulate the look of someone who does not eat and only Consumes heroin is also look a famine? That people were trying to achieve which is fucking insane considering that famine was and is still occurring in this world and millions and millions of people are suffering and dying from it and how much those people would love to be able to eat something Having their own physiques considered chic in this Bizarre and shallow industry. I was seeing people in my own country. Flights Pakistan and see 'em like skill lethal people on the side of the street begging for food. And then I would come here and see people starving themselves deliberately to emulate that look in order to fit into runway closed just so tiny so the look was just everywhere you were supposed to have jutting out hipbones and believe me. It was a badge of owner. It wasn't something that you hid. There was a long queue outside the girls along line outside the girl's bathroom. Everyone throwing up at lunch one. After the other. The other there was a girl. Easter bring her weighing scales in school and e on them. I remember without giving an interview saying she eats nude in order to stop us from overindulging. In Your Kate Moss talking about nothing tastes as good as thin. Feels well tacos. Pizza cake was their decision that you remember making A. I need to start eating way less. I need to start. Was that a conscious thing or do they just emerge suddenly it was a very very conscious scarring moment of my maths teacher wanting to teach us about graphs and pie charts and she weighed all of us to collect all of our weights as data to show a chart. The dumbest thing you've ever heard how I was. Eleven I was one of the tools guarding was the second oldest girl in the year and I was choppy. Because you gotta get like why toget- toll and also I was just. That was just my build at the time I was loving the curry and I had no self conscious about my body whatsoever. I loved having a tummy. I didn't know about thighs very innocent child. I wasn't remotely interested in the way that I look and That moment changed everything because I was the happiest girl in the class. I was ridiculed by the entire year I came home. My family founded shocking upsetting. I was the happiest girl year and I was immediately encouraged to diet and so I started my first I about eleven and it was. I was dieting. The way an eleven year old were diet which is with no understanding of any nutrition. I was living on somewhere between like two hundred three hundred calories. A day sometimes lasts which is insane because I was very tall and even by the time I hit five ten in my early teens. I was still consuming sometimes. Want two hundred calories a day a belly move passing out all the time didn't did stop menstruating and thought that I was winning. It never struck you as something wrong with us. No everyone was doing it. Everyone was doing everyone who's taking laxatives. Everyone's drinking teas that. I now rally against so hard There was slimfast cans all over our school. I want you know fell over. One on the steps steps passed out a tiny like fake chocolate bars instead of meals. It was just people were afraid of carbs and Pasta and everyone was on the Atkins Diet. So everyone's smell like metal and also it was just disgusting. It's terrible time and we were all on it so it didn't even feel like something. You really hit ego also at the time because of Hollywood there was this fucking Brag that I think kind of still exists of women pretending they eat so much just unnaturally thin. What a dumb witted Brag finding other mental illness conditions emerging with the eating disorder or. Were you just two out of even notice a depression or an anxiety? I wasn't even out of it. I was high on it like I was just sort of I was I was such a devoted anorexic and I was so it's so time consuming beyond our exit. The amount of time you spend learning new tricks trying new tricks hiding your food all of the all of the things that you have to do with so consuming. The I didn't even know that I had any kind of mental illness. I didn't think I had anorexia. I didn't think there was no. I didn't think there was anything wrong with me. The only thing I thought was wrong with me that I wasn't enough I was never thin enough. Do you understand what Anorexia was and just think it was something other people had. Yeah I used to be jealous. I thought Anorexia could only come in the form of of someone who weighs like three or four stone forty two to fifty six pounds and I would be envious if those people for being able to achieve that. I really didn't get it. But that's the problem is if you give this misinformation children. We don't have the whole picture. We do we also have this like youthful arrogance to us where we think our health will last forever. Our lives will go on forever will never be Will never face the side effects in. No one knows about osteoporosis. Kidney damage or liver damage all the IBS. All the different things that happened to people who mess around with their health my thyroid. My drains. Everything is exhausted. I mean I even now sorry twenty years after I started sobbing myself. That's what I was gonna ask because so often people think of it as. Oh anorexia is when you're not eating enough but it is a mental thing that even if you people can have anorexia yeah and and even if you find better eating habits later on the reasoning the processing of the idea of food is still always there. So many of told our weaponized food in our minds. So we're taught that like food. Is You know if you have a parent who beats you and then feel bad about it and then gives you a meal afterwards. You start to associate that meal with love or if your parents are. You're not supposed to eat then. Food becomes rebellion and food. Become self harm so we can. We can give food all these kind of different personalities and I think a lot of people lot more people realized then they realize even during the the guilt associated food and the coding and the words that we use around food of clean eating dirty foods. This is just this shame Sort of slipped in an envelope within all of these ways of discussing this thing that we need to give our body nutrition so it can function food fuel and I didn't know that until I hit thirty

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