The AI Priorities of the United States - with Lynne Parker


This is Dan Fidel and you're listening to AI and business podcast as most of your aware our work here to merge artificial intelligence research is primarily with large private sector clients onto that is in financial services. You hear US talk about insurance and banking a lot because those happened to be the industries that hire us for our AI. Opportunity landscape work but one of the more fun. Parts of the job is being able to bring to bear knowledge about the Roi in various sectors to the public sector into intergovernmental organizations. We've been honored to speak at the United Nations about deep fakes to speak about the future of a cybersecurity and surveillance at Interpol and for this particular event for this interview this week at the OECD's headquarters in Paris for their opening of their CD A. I. Policy Observatory which is a fascinating. Project will cover in more depth in future interviews our guest this week our honored guest this week. I should say a proper government. Role is Lyn Parker. Lyn Parker is a PhD from MIT in Computer Science. Who teaches at the University of Tennessee and she is the deputy chief technology officer of the United States of America. No INSIGNIFICANT ROLE. Lindh sat down to talk about what the United States is doing about. Ai At a national level. There's a lot of interesting work if you go to a Ai Dot Gov you can actually learn more about what? The United States is doing with artificial intelligence but Lynn soda boils down. What are the national priorities here? What are the directions? Were moving in. What's the progress we've made as a nation And what does that mean for? The future of artificial intelligence in the investments there in a fascinating interview and it was excellent to be able to sit down with Lynn. And really get the details in. This interview is made all the more relevant by the fact that the private

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