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XFL And NFL discussed on Danielle McCartan


That they are welcome the players are welcome to sign with any NFL contract effective immediately part of me wanted to see the XFL become the nation's main event to continue without fans in the stands after all its broadcasts in the access they provide to its fans is in was revolutionary I think fans would have been thoroughly entertained by the XFL product including those that swore off completely after never even having given it the chance what's next for leak will fold because when international pandemic this question sub consciously creeps into my mind after all the W. W. eat another Vince McMahon on property went on as planned Friday night the production SmackDown was business as usual and was carried out in front of an empty arena in Orlando these guys in these girls are literally sweating all over each other are they getting tested daily as we have learned all it takes is one this got me thinking other other sports they could have maybe should have been played in front of zero people live at least did all of the sports leagues panic and in difficult times in this trickle down effect in the sports industry true leaders have been stepping up for the stadium workers in the arena workers that aren't getting paid look no farther than the superstars in our professional sports leagues to support those in need especially those mostly seasonal workers in and around the arenas and stadiums I'm sure there are more the players who I have seen pitching Rudy go bear himself five hundred thousand dollars I think that's the most I've seen Kevin love Zion Williamson Blake Griffin Yanis onto the global uncertainty Sergei Bobrovsky and as for Panthers teammates is their responsibility to step up well people are always so critical about how much money they make and now probably those same people are critical that they are the ones as opposed to others that are stepping in to fill the void in these uncertain times can't you just be happy that those workers are being supported you want to hear from the owners in the front office people you say I'm sure there are more as well look no farther than Dan Gilbert mark Cuban Josh Harris David Blitzer Arthur blank Alex Lazare and the Florida Panthers ownership group does matching all player donations the Brooklyn nets among other Saturday evening announced the same is it a good thing though what it being highly publicized after their potential unemployment benefits would affect it would you be a cash transaction so that they can receive help from our government to all things to consider what about the minor league baseball players who have been sent home with no anticipated date of reopening without having made a single dollar since last season for what it's worth I reached out to a minor league baseball player and had him confirmed on my show until he decided Saturday afternoon that he wanted to go home we've pinpointed one of my shows next week for him to be on I'm gonna be on on Saturday morning and again this time on Sunday morning what about the gaming industry MGM is close three properties in the USA so far one of which is the empire city casino right here in New York I've heard that hotels and casinos are operating at single digit occupancy percentage rates in Vegas layoffs in the hospitality and in the gaming industry aren't inevitable they're already here and for what it's also worth I reach out to a contact in Vegas for gaming experts come on my show talk about the trickle down effect on the nineteen billion dollar industry in the USA I'm still waiting to hear back from him or them I would have I don't have them on next week as well this dwarfs all other sports related things doesn't so with that all said this is a sports program I've always stuck to sports literally every single minute of every single show and that's not gonna change that's why you tune into WFAN sports radio right so what do we look to what is still going on well at this minute.

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