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Dak & Cowboys talking again - burst 17

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He's had a number two nobody wants to pay

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Important part of this. If you think that Bruce Arians and Byron left which are going to put. Tom Brady in a situation where they're asking him to. Air It out sixty yards. Then you also think Byron left which Bruce. Arians are bad at their job. This is simple. There is a spot where you want coaches to coach the talent that they have to the best of their ability. Do you believe that Tom Brady? Just Willy Nilly sign with Tampa Bay with no conversation about what? He wanted an offense. I don't believe that but even if you do believe that you believe the Tampa went out and signed him and then said okay. Now what we're going to do is have are really smart coaches misuse. What he's capable of the fact is it doesn't matter he could push the ball downfield sixty yards. Because Bruce Arians isn't gonNA ask him to do that. They're going to be able to move the ball doing