Adult Swim is well suited for lockdown

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Over the past several weeks. The entertainment industry is in deep trouble concert. Venues movie theaters and comedy clubs are closed. There's no more Broadway or live action television and film production but there is one show business segment that is weathering the storm surprisingly well here to talk about it. Is Ali Green? She's the vice president of animated productions at Adult Swim and she joins us from her home in Atlanta Ali. Welcome to the show. Hi John Thanks for having me. Let me start with this. Why is animation particularly well suited to deal with the impact of the Krahn Virus flipper animation? It's collaborative but everybody is already working independently and mostly talking about two D. and somewhat three but everybody already sort of network and using a lot of the software already so just the big change is to send everyone home and not have that immediate feedback. One of the things I know about animation is that typically there are huge render farms computers. That are doing the animation computer work if you are working remotely. How do you process all of the data because a lot of home? Computers can't really handle that kind of processing. Yeah so John. That actually is sort of pain. Point now for everybody A lot of the residential WIFI speeds are just not up to the challenge. So what we've been doing is kind of going back to Ethernet and Going back to hard drive. And what about the voice actors because typically you are animating to voices? They are reading scripts. So how has that process changed because clearly? Your Voice. Talent can't be in with a director in with recording studio. How do you manage that? So some of the voice actors. That'd be work with have home studios. We are sending higher. End Microphones to some of our regular talent when we're not able to do that. We're using scratch audio. So you've got a bunch of series some in production some that are probably imposed overall. What series are affected or? Do you feel like pretty much. Your whole slate is moving forward at the right pace. A lot of our shows deliver well in advance of their premier so we have robot chicken coming back because they had already delivered but as a stop motion show that is also one. That looks a little bit more like live Action Ones Hughes. Start shooting it With Rick and more de we are in the process of automation and Rough Assembly. So we have our animation house that sense all of their animators home and they're composites home I don't know how technical you WANNA get. But basically he livery process for each of these scenes to the show unit is basically the same. We're talking with all green. The vice president of animated production for adult swim a lot of anime shows do their pre and post production in the states but a lot of the actual frame by framework has done other countries like Canada or South Korea. How are you managing the international workflow? And how do you go about trying to ensure that they have safe practices in place at work? We're making sure that each studio that we work with every country is following the appropriate guideline. You know this seems like nobody. We're not really doing the sweatshop thing You know like we work with reputable studios so you know in Canada. Means everyone's working from home Mexico those studios that we work with are also doing the same. So much of what happens in animation is quick and that writers and shows can react to the news. Do you see some adult. Swim shows being topical. That's something that we can do in our small Pearl Jam but No normally actually. Our show is hunter pretty long time. The writing period is fairly long and then the process of animating is even longer you know. South Park can do it for sure. None of our shows are set up like that. It's it's no secret that broadcast networks cable channels and streaming platforms that rely on live action scripted content. Pretty sooner run out of new shows because they can't make them could this kind of odd way be a boom time for animation because you are able to deliver new and original content when a lot of other people can't Absolutely I think we're seeing that you know. I think it had already started to me and that. There's just so many options from preschool. All the way through to adult for animated content. You want to add that you know I think industry-wide there's this overwhelming sense of gratitude that we you know almost survivor's guilt that we are still able to make these shows. We've always been so lucky to be here but now more than

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