'As The Worm Turns!'


Are no words that can describe the fastness of time and space. It's big really big. Really really big really. There's also not many words that can describe the vastness of space between the years of evil mastermind. Dr Steve. There's a lot of empty space in there. Really a lot of big wide and boom all right. They get the point. So I'm not as clever or smart Dr Floyd. I will tell you one thing though. I am more evil than he is. And at the end of the day evil always beats good. Hush evil mastermind Dr Steve currently speeding through the time and space treatment time spaceship. That is out there with a time and space travel device stolen from our hero. Dr Flowing. Should we go next? Visited we have all the time in the world. We could. What's easy what's happening? What ship don't see any Ho- know fidget turnaround? We're heading right for it. Base Action Now. Are Two villains find themselves a perilous situation? Let's turn your attention to the ship of our hero. Dr Floyd what. You're eating their Dr Grant big bowl of grilled fruit. Dr Floyd. You want some grilled Fru. Yeah don't WANNA get scurvy. You know you go. Peaches nectarines pineapples and plantations. Then teens who can't contain sure you can just a few minutes on each side here. Try a by Gross Dr Grant. It tastes like cork danger. Supposed to be sweet well to each his own. Mother used to cook which that chipped. That can't be right. He says the Doctor. Steve Ship has just vanished from the time and Space Street. Time Jim no his whole shift just disappear chips program some programs into the computer program and see if you can come up with possible program glitches Dr Grant. You use the scanner to scan for any suspicious scanners scanning and the time and space stream. We'll do what. Are you going to do Dr Flowing? That'd be attending to the most pressing. Let's say getting the taste of this grilled plan teen out of my mouth. I hear other tasks and soon programs are program. Scanners are scanned in. T- their toothbrush. And all are back on the bridge. Anything to report shifts couldn't find any program glitches in the program and I couldn't detect any suspicious. Scans on the scanner. They see well. How's my breath smell good? Is that a new toothpaste. Yeah Vanilla flavor like brushing with cake frosting shapes around wormholes. That's right we talked about those two episodes ago. Says that the shapes have grown and even larger numbers Dr Floyd except now they are moving away from the wormholes and towards that small Moon Edge. New Moon it time and space station. I've got a bad feeling about this. I think you're right jabs log. In the Hillary power log in the auxiliary power pulled that little liberty. Why are we still moving towards a tractor? Beam its? Shane has our heroes. He was this life threatening situation to act out scenes from their favorite movies. Let's turn our attention to the small group of slug like creatures aboard the Space Station waiting approach of our heroes shift two weeks of what these fools wreaking havoc in the time and space juryman sitting idly by. We finally have them. We will now put it into their blatant disregard for the time and space stream once and for all yes but chancellor remember these alien beings they have rights and we must make sure we allow for those right as lost any rights. The moment they interfered with our work dr their rights or lack thereof will be dictated to them by His Majesty. Yes of course but meeting. These beings will be a wonderful scientific opportunity. He's off criminals malicious uncaring criminals. I will see to it that the king does the right thing and has them thrown to the Dow Ski Monster. First thing tomorrow in the landing may have a time and space station and surrounded by fifty of these odd slug like creatures all armed with longstaff which are humming with energy beings aboard this vessel. This is high. Chancellor Rosen the vitamin space worms immediately. Power down exit your ship bring no weapons as you're surrounded and we'll be extended if any aggression show. What are we going to do? Dr Floyd who are these creatures not sure Dr Grant but what choice do we have chips? Power down the ship and let's go out and see what they want. Just remember to be careful with the orders given to them by these strange beings and soon find themselves at the bottom of their ships ramps surrounded by guards. Hello there everybody. My name is Dr Fluid most brilliant scientists. This is my protege. Dr Grant and our faithful robot companionship's we come in peace fees if you truly ventured into the time and space street piece. You wouldn't have caused so much trouble. God's buying them in electro shackles. Hey would you mind telling us why you've taken US prisoner? Go crimes will be read to you. In front of his Royal Majesty Schwartzchild he alone shall decide your fate. Gods take them to the prison block and get them out of my sight. I shall inform His Majesty of your rights slug like creatures lead heroes down a large court or of the time and space station. I must apologize for the behavior of the chancellor. Here's most upset about the current situation on your electric shackles to. Actually they take a little bit. Where are we your bowl at the time and Space Station Krasnenkov? Home to the time and space worms. That's us. We are overseers of all the goings on in time and space stream. And who are you? They call me doctor put morning. How are you? I'm doctor worm. Good morning anyway. Why have you captured us to have made a grave error? All of your time and space jobs created new wormholes in the time and space stream. That shouldn't harm. Anything just means more places to get across. The universe does a lot of home. See US worms have a union contract that clearly states that we are the only things that create wormholes? You have violated our contract which is an act carries the automatic punishment of death. No in the morning you will be taken for the king and we'll be judged for now. Enjoy your stay. I know our prison cells are not the most comfortable but it will have to do. The shackles will automatically released once. You've stepped inside. Are we going to be able to plead our case to the king of using listening mood? Yes more often than not though. He's been intolerant of time travellers to the chancellor having his ear. We'll find out tomorrow until then enjoy your time here. Get to know your fellow prisoners. Unfortunately you will most likely be thrown to the Hausky monster tomorrow morning doctor worm. Yeah thanks I guess. What do we do now? Doctor You said to get to know our fellow prisoners. What do you think he meant? I think-i meant us from out of the shadows of the jail cells that none other than evil mastermind Dr Steven sock shaped assistant Dr Steve. Hello Floyd Comfy. Little jail cell isn't on our it looks as if Dr Steven featuring our prisoners of time and space worms. Well when the morning comes will the heroes and villains. We've come to know and love and despise be thrown to the House Key. Monster is this the end of our series or merely the end of the season and just one is the proper way to prepare plantations. Find out in the next exciting season of the Radio Dr boy if there is

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