Why Michigan is the next big Bernie Sanders-Joe Biden battleground


That is that it's not over yet but it's not looking good for Bernie Sanders and his socialist revolution let's just put it that way it's out he's got it he needs a miracle to come back in and win this thing in the end it or don't have a shot at it he needs to do really well and a lot of these upcoming states he doesn't have my chart margin for error and the reason for that is is that what happened in the a few days after South Carolina was the Democrat establishment coalesced behind Joe Biden really quick and it's pretty clear deals Joe Biden's wouldn't on super Tuesday the DNC machine gave it to on they took it for granted I'm they gave it to him so there's a few things that happen in the lead up to super Tuesday that are really important Terry McAuliffe the former governor of Virginia former DNC chair endorse Joe Biden that means the whole Virginia machine got behind that's why does Clinton though he was outspent by eighteen million dollars by Mike Rosenberg so Clinton's hatchet man Hillary Clinton hatchet man have a cold AF send the message and and then in that in the state of Virginia McCall's machine went to work but I didn't did but barely any campaign events are spent barely any right in Virginia so it's like how the hell did he win that big sorry I didn't mean to say that that that bad everywhere here but how the heck did you win that big of a race on hi I'm fine in in Virginia to the point where Bloomberg didn't even get any delegates after spending eighteen million dollars there Bernie did get a handful of patents out of Virginia but that it wasn't just for Genya Beto Rourke came in from in Texas the genesis machine came in Amy Klobuchar who dropped out at the urging of the party al there's the behind the scenes people the Obamas and so on and so forth I I came in for I'm in Minnesota in Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren the supposedly leftist progressives socialists who really it doesn't actually believe in what she puts forward is more loyal to the party establishment that she is and to the ideas she supposedly espouses and she just dropped out today but she stands in Massachusetts that blocked burning in Massachusetts and in Maine Rodney near nearby neighboring Maine and so on biting winds all these states that he probably should know one and Bloomberg really under performed across Italy he's got already and now warrants out of the race and it's really a two person race and so again Bernie's gonna need a huge night in Michigan he needs to not just win message when Michigan who needs to win decisively he he are coming on Tuesday other states I the upcoming that burning is to do really well in other rust belt states like Maine upper Midwest states like Wisconsin or Pennsylvania Arnaud heiau Bernie Bernie has a swing pass show but it's not looking good form and it's pretty clear they came for Bernie on Tuesday night and they seem to have delivered pretty close to a knock out

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