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Dunkin Donuts & The Danger Of Literal Branding


You're probably familiar with a brand called Dunkin donuts. You're probably also familiar with a saying or variation of it. That says what got us to where we are today is not necessarily. What's going to get us to where we need to be in the future and that to me certainly sums up Dunkin donuts. It's a brand. That started back in the fifties in the US. And I was selling coffee and doughnuts the donkey of the darnold. Although I'm not sure I've ever dunked a donating coffee view as anybody on anyway it. It's what helped I think. Dunkin donuts establish itself as a global brand. They had a very simple brand promise. We had great coffee and doughnuts now what it does to me though is. It represents the contradiction of branding which is initially at least. You've got to be very narrow and very specific so that your brand message in your brand mission is clear and that people know what they're getting yet as you expand or as you want to diverge that specificity might actually work against you. And that's what's happening. I think now with Duncan. They've decided to drop off the charts off the end of the game so now they just known as Duncan this has happened in the US. It's rolling internationally a bit slower but the idea is that. They've decided to be more of a beverage lead company and so if they're not doing doughnuts they dropped the dinosaurs now they just Dunkin but the problem is as a beverage brand. Doesn't really make sense unless you're going to be dunking stuff in the beverages and I don't think that's really going and so again. I think it's a great example of the contradiction of branding. When you stop you've got to be very specific but as you grow and expand or diverge you have to think about how that specific brand name is going to work for you or against you. Which is why the benefits of a name like Amazon? Oh apple lease names. That didn't really mean anything specific to a product line although an apple is an apple but you know what I mean. Those brands are great. Because you can define what is part of your product. Set your product suite of goods You can't do that necessarily. You've got a brand like Dunkin donuts. So if you're in the middle of branding or if you've had a brand for while you're thinking about a rebranding you're you're thinking about the future the next five ten year plan. Think about is your brand name. GonNa be General and broad enough to be able to lay to diverge in those carry in those directions if not you might need to think about changing your brand at some point in time and if you got to do that it should be a probably a slow transition as opposed to an overnight thing so you probably want to stop thinking about it. Now if you'll thinking in maybe five or ten years you want to start going into a slightly different direction which isn't true to your current brand name

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Dunkin Donuts & The Danger Of Literal Branding

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