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So I saw my family over the long weekend in when I say saw. That's all I mean. I hooked a bunch of us up to a teleconference for a little Easter celebration. So yeah I saw them and I guess I heard them to. That's it let sounds Nice. I saw a Lotta that over the weekend. I've been doing zoom calls with my family about once a week. It was my dad's birthday recently and they put the laptop at the dinner table so that I could see them all and it was kind of like I was there. See kind of kind of his good. But this is what. We're supposed to call physical distancing not social distancing because. I guess the point is by video chatting with my family. I am maintaining social connections. Yeah I mean you're still being social. You're just not there physically okay. We'll here's my mini rant about that. It is social distancing. It is literally socializing at a distance and it does feel distant. And I'm bringing this up because there is a bit of a debate around which term is proper and I wanted to quickly use this time to say before we get into the nasty scams and frauds. That are going around now that it doesn't matter what term you use here. They mean the same thing and either way. It sucks so pick your favorite. Yeah definitely You're right about that. I mean we're so fortunate to have this kind of technology right now but it's not the same thing as seeing people in real life. I mean it doesn't matter how many zoom calls you do. You can still feel lonely as soon as you log off and this is where we get into today's topic because guess what it's precisely when we're feeling those things when were scared or were lonely or missing family or even just looking for help and information. It's that time that were most vulnerable to frauds and scam artists. Who are right now looking to profit off of people's misery and fear here in Ontario on this is just one example but this weekend premier Doug Ford vowed to deal with these people as harshly as possible. There's always going to be very very few bad apples disgusting people that WanNa make make a profit off the docks of people that are dying. We ever catch him here in in Ontario Mobile. Come down on them like Like they've never seen before the full extent of the law. But here's the problem with that. It's almost impossible to catch them. And once they've got your money or your information it's almost impossible to get it back. What you can do though is protect yourself. You can know the details of the scams going around. You can know the signs of a fake and you can know how these people will pitch themselves to you and all of that will help so today to kick off week five of self-isolation right after the news. We will give you an extensive guide to keeping yourself and your information safe during all of this but first Claire as another week begins House candidate. Doing Y'all I'm GonNa Start in Quebec today where we know the krona viruses hit hard at police are investigating a long-term care home in the Montreal area. That's where thirty one people have died. Since mid March and nurses have now been speaking of describing unsanitary conditions. They say some residents were completely neglected for over twenty four hours because workers just couldn't handle the conditions and were walking off the job. Quebec's premier is promising a thorough public investigation. We'll province of Manitoba has put out a call to local businesses to make medical masks and this comes after a medical team in Winnipeg came up with a design for a mask that would be just as effective as the end ninety five so they're hoping to find local manufacturers to get on this as soon as possible because the province says. It's about a week or two away from running out of masks and other personal protective equipment well. There was a video making the rounds last week. Showing a man in an elevator in British Columbia spitting on the buttons. That man is now apologizing for what he did. He says it was the result of a momentary fit of anger from an ongoing dispute between him and the Strata Council in the building that he lives in he also says he has no health issues. No Cova nineteenth symptoms and Vancouver. Police say they are not investigating this and lastly Justin. Trudeau is one of many leaders across the country back at work today. After taking a rare day off for Easter Sunday. He did send out a written message though thanking Canadians for staying home especially during the long weekend he said by doing this Canadians or showing the true meaning of loving our neighbors as ourselves as of evening over twenty four thousand cases of Kovic Nineteen in Canada with seven hundred and sixty four deaths. I'm Jordan Heath Rawlings. This is the big story. Sam Cooper is a national investigative journalist with Global News who has looked into just about all of the scams going around. Hello Sam Hi how you doing? I'm doing all right. Where are you right? Now you in a basement An apartment somewhere no. I'm located in Ottawa. Usually I we'd be in a global news studio with a view of Parliament Hill. I'm a little bit further away at home in my home studio today as as we. I think most of us are at this point. Yes well We're all just trying to record from wherever we can But we're GONNA talk about scams today. Yes so how quickly did we start? Seeing Kovic nineteen scams from the day Canada. I had a case will I would track it back even further in my research. I think potentially be original scam as it were was started by China's government unfortunately when This virus started a roll through Wuhan China in November and December. There were some doctors that that we're trying to warn people and they got visits from police in China and said Retract her statements. Or else you'll be in trouble. Chinese state media said any rumor mongers talking about a SARS like virus will face a penalty's and that really created the conditions for a once in a lifetime health crisis to roll out and we started to see more traditional corporate scams appearing worldwide. I would say late January and in February. What did those first ones look like will they? They were very sophisticated and they played on the need. The crucial need for information and also some sort of fear and I think one of the very first engineered widespread scans we saw was sites that mimicked universities like John Johns Hopkins putting out data boards. Where all new corona virus cases were appearing everyone was hungry for that data understandably for these spoofed sites when you clicked on them. It was actually a scheme where the criminals on the other side were fishing for your personal information through your computer and that really sets the table for a a whole world of scams because once criminals have your information any number bad things can happen from there and it can lead to further scams. They're just building up their databases on how to social engineer. As as it's called a scams that work off a good knowledge of who targets are so. Give me an example. Then if you can of of what they would do once. Somebody had clicked on one of those sites and they'd mind some of their data once the criminals have your data. It can go into

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