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Pay Mindful tribe. I think today's interview will be something really is connected to a lot of our hopes and wishes and desires. It's about mindset. It's about being present. It's about being still just understanding how we can control our habits our thoughts today. I Have Georgia with the. I Have Georgia Foster Georgia. Are you in mindfulness mode? Today I am very much. So that's wonderful upping in that moment. Yeah me too. Georgia foster is a world leading therapist and she specializes in overdrinking behavior as well as anxiety and self esteem and other issues too but she has courses called drink less and her drink less courses have a very high success rate of ninety five percent of attendees report reduced alcohol consumption so that is incredibly high and she also has a new book where she shares the secrets of her success. And we'll talk about how she does this and what this is all about as we get into this interview but first of all. Let's talk about mindfulness. And what does mindfulness mean to you? Well for me. It's the Overseas about being present but there are many different ways of doing that. One of the things. I have triplet boys so when I had my children. I haven't you join six and obviously being the my was very important to me. Because I didn't expect to go on that journey and for all the Times that I'm rushing hero. Doing that is like I just want to be present with. Children Beget about my work and my outside life. That's one way I like being present and another way read love. Being President is with hypnosis. I'm very Hara Beleaguering hypnosis to me that you know. I'd love if we have time to talk about the psychology training and the different personality traits of drivers out of being in the moment. But we do know that when we're in that space when not so scared when not so fretful about life so for me. It's very important to a in the moment and been that. Mindfulness face swimming doesn't fully to. I'm a swimmer. So I love getting in the pool and guns at lovely meditative state and I just feel so much better when I get out of the. That's wonderful. Well let's talk about how we move away from that state of being present because that does happen in our society in our lives. Will I believe that will made up of many parts of sub personalities and there's one particular personality trait called the in a critic and the critic is the part that says? What did you say that yesterday to that personal? What did you drink so much last night or you know. You haven't got enough in your pension plan. Everybody else is going to retire more than you know. Sooner than you into the inner critic is the pot within that takes us away from being present is always talking about the past all future now we know I mean the nearest scientists who understand the power. Hypnosis is that when we're in that state we are in a vulnerability state and when you feel vulnerable. You know feel anxious you want to over eat or drink or you know make bad decisions all of those things so we do know that being a critic is the part of the mind that does full warn us about something. Catastrophic may happen but it only is based on stories is not based on truth so one of the ways I love to work with. People is if you want to be present if you want to understand that. Nobody has a crystal ball including the critic. Being present is one of the greatest gift you can give yourself and hot of my work And I say to people if you're not a drinker it's just having that sense of Self-worth you know have a sustained program talking about you. Can't you can plan for your future. Positively but to listen to critic who main that you will be scared about making decisions you'll be scared about making change and we neither we only progress through making change. Whether it's you know situations we create or whether they are created for us so being in a in the presence and means that you Trusting more nutrition to get things done rather than you constantly having to think about doing it. Well let's talk about your drink less program and how this works because you know I usually hear about programs where you know you stop drinking. Or You quit drinking entirely. Tell us the thinking behind your teachings. Yeah well I had a clinic in London for twenty two years and corporate clients and they were coming to see me with stress anxiety sleep issues and then as Georgia. I think I drink too much and I'm like well. Yeah we do know that there are many people out them in one in six Americans actually binge drink so am talking about people who are fully functioning. Parents Retirees Very successful people when talking pop benches here and I think what's important to note that type of drinking on talking about is about people who need to go to a we're talking about this very big middle ground of drinkers. Who are drinking in the home. It goes under the radar statistics And these people know that they drink too much at the doctor have to reduce so what we know is that the mind is adaptable. Change if you give it the right resources and hypnosis which is the same as meditation. It's the same. Brain activity is a great way to train the mind to Tina that in a critic because critic is the pop that drives us to drink a what we know about. Alcohol is alcohol produces dopamine people not getting addicted to the alcohol. They getting addicted to the dopamine that alcohol producers in the brain. So what I'm saying is if you all right I can show you that you have a mind that can make that change and if you use a lot of people have really crazy. Busy work lives and the mccollum high and that is bold and they drink because they just bored. Because we know when we're bored we think negativity right so you know when we drink. The critic goes away so people are feeling that sense of reprieve from negative thinking stresses and strains and everything's Fine. Now the morning comes and then all of a sudden being a critic back and life back and people go oh already feel. I need to have a drink. And then what necessarily have a drink. Ben That stirrings through the day. We'll stop this very difficult but be who worried about the drinking alcohol days for example though I helped people buddy to become before they drink to do with what is going on in their lives before they drink the need to drink to get that space and that's exactly pot of being in the mindful space was was great to meet you because my my audience need to train them. Mind to be in a space. That's nothing to do with alcohol. I write and do the same concepts. Apply to cannabis. Use the same thing it's about it's about escaping your to. It could be food to Major. We know sugar producers of Maine. They all have their neuro parkway connections and. I think that's the point is that we know that we out a new pathway Born with the same amount but some very worn. Some very well walked. And if you have a drinking or drug issue or food issue guaranteed that you'll mind has habitually trained so when you feel any little niggle or tickle fear or self doubt your mind was that Oh get me the drugs. Give me the food. Get the booze what I'm saying. She can change that brain connection that neural pathway. To go to a healthy one.

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