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Devils, Rangers And Madison Square Garden discussed on Chris McMonigle


Okay thanks on hot stuff as the devils beat the Rangers six four and that was at Madison Square Garden today five two after two four double goals in that second period it was two one Rangers after one Mrs ranger marched all majors and firewall and talk from for the game we are they available for them for awhile and I think we just we we got one early and then we got a little too to call but there's an easy night snowballs quick Kapan Maria para double goals travels a Jack had two goals because of vintage at another ranger goal Igor sister can the starting ranger goaltender tonight islanders lost three to overtime the Carolina today at the Coliseum nets are in seventh place in the Eastern Conference head coach Kenny Atkinson's first NBA head coaching job loss history as a net return to the postseason last year five games clear of night place Washington vinyl record a twenty eight thirty four twenty games to go in the regular season our concern is out as head coach and will be chock full on that takes over on an interim basis Segall Villanova Creighton end up in a three way tie for the big east regular season basketball championship great wins the tie breaks blue jays beating Seton hall seventy seven sixty today in Ohio using a thirty to ten second half run St John's turns down the market eighty eight eighty six of the garden first time in thirty seven years brokers as a twenty one regular season they went to Purdue in overtime seventy one sixty eight a down potential fits a third of an inning for the Mets today run and three hits.

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Devils, Rangers And Madison Square Garden discussed on Chris McMonigle

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