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Decoding the Galaxy S20's different 5G combinations



We were going to buy a Samsung Galaxy S. Twenty to tap into one of those new fangled five gene networks. There are a lot of factors to consider. And I've got ally Blumenthal here to lay out all of your five G. Options and there are a lot so let's just kind of break it down simply first before we even get to the networks. Let's talk about the phones right. We've got how many phones so the s twenty three main phones. We have twenty s twenty plus minutes. Twenty ultra all three are on all four current major carriers. We'll say current and they all have five G. correct and five default so that at least that makes things simple now where we get a little bit more complicated is when you look at how each phone acts on each carrier right. That's where things get more complicated. Yes and even before even there. The S Twenty is different than the twenty plus an ultra. The if you want all of five millimeter wave plus the mid band plus a low band to be the most future proof that can be an five G. You gotta get the plus. They're older guys. You get just the regular S. Twenty on T. mobile or sprint. You won't have millimeter. Wave so just a little wrinkle. And let's let's break that down for our listeners. Interviewers what does that mean when you've got all those different bands I know we've talked about this before but let's break it down again. Like what does that mean that you can get all these bands versus having just you know the mid and low bands right. So is the missing piece. And that's what Verizon's been touting very heavily that is the speeds that are super fast right. These are the gigabit plus speeds are. You'll find a handful so he blocks. It doesn't work really great door. Range is not that great range is not that great but there are a whole host of other issues that we've encountered over the last year testing this type of new service but it does have the best thorough. Put that you'll find on these devices when it comes to low ben and Ben they all support it and if you're on T. mobile sprint. That means you should be able to work assuming this merger. That's I guess. Nearing the final stages nearing. Yeah Fair. Yeah sh if that when that goes through that device will work with sprint mid band spectrum. T. Mobile's low band spectrum released. It should in theory at least on. T. Mobile's right. Now is sort of the optimal combination. I think that's combination. You're seeing for one. The folks around the world are largely using using that mid band spectrum. Which is the sweet spot right now because this guy a good compromise between range and speed right. It's faster than your normal four G. Network but the rangers not as crazy short as it is on right. Exa- covers exact way to describe it. It's the middle yet whereas low band has great range but the speeds are basically the same as a good four g connection if you get high frequency millimeter wave yet. It's super fast. But no range mid ben gets you both get you some decent speed improvements while allowing you to use your phone indoors or outside or wherever you want to use it with a speed boost so get in that T. mobile and sprint are looking to really focus on on millimeter amid band and Logan and the millimeter wave thing. They have some bits of it. I mean is it worth it to buy an ultra to get the access to potential millimeter way spectrum? We don't necessarily the ultra. You could buy blow slides and if you're a verizon and want the twenty there'll be a special version is rising five. G. Right now is just meter wave. There will be special version of the twenty. That works with millimeter. Wave for Verizon Gotcha zoom ably work with Logan amid Bedouin verizon eventually rolls out five G. across other bands which it has said. It will do this year so we don't know when exactly that will happen but we know that's coming this year no work with that Astra buying the ultra. We actually have the ultra here. And Plus The plus. Or WHAT'S UP? Right here we go. These are big phones like a face right now. Particularly the ultra. Which was this is the next year face. It is here we go. Let's monsters no see my face. So let's let's do this block. And then she got the the camera models and it's thick is a thick phone and that is to accommodate largely the five thousand million powered battery. Giant batteries. Saint Cameras Saint Cameras. We'll all the different radios ride so and granted. The radios are here as well. I think it's more of the cameras or anything else. This has the hundred. Xp Soon which you could see on the bottom that big sensors either way. If you're not a fan of things popping out of the back of your phone this is GonNa drive you crazy. Just put flat down on here. It does not lie flat at all. Sir. So let's theory. This thing is It's hard to describe. But it's just really thick Camera module all right speaking of the the ultra. We had chance to actually test the durability of the Galaxy Twenty Ultra Withdraw Test. It did not fare well. Yep So. That's our own Vanessa. She dropped the phone a couple of times and actually after the very first drop at three feet or basically pocket height cracked yet. That was kind of disheartening. You're spending fourteen drives up to this phone costs right. The beautiful phone all covered in glass everywhere will glass six. I believe really lasts sick. And this is the only one with gorilla glass six on both front and back but obviously that didn't that didn't help because there's there's a screen protector there. She's peeling off. It didn't really help a lot with the edges. She kept dropping yet. I think she dropped it one more time at three feet crack some more and then she raised six feet twice. Yeah you'RE GONNA WANNA case on these things. I was impressed that the cameras yes surprisingly things dying out and you would think that. Take the brunt of the impact. It actually was the one that like what stood all the damage. Everything was on it. I just boggles the mind. It doesn't make any sense but you know credit. The Samsung there may be put that That a glass eye on every other part of some sort of experimental gorilla glass seven. We we don't know or sapphires. Something else that they're doing. Well Yeah it could have been Sapphire. That would explain the giant price tag on this thing. Well Sapphire for cameras. Just an uncommon. Right right I think apple does that fertile. Yes but I'm wondering if it's over the lands of overdose entire module right. I don't have that would not costly. Yes that is a. I mean you could just look at it. It's a giant. Yes there's the St. You can't see it here. That got space boot. Zum written here the hundred zoom which I was talking to someone when I mentioned this feature. They immediately reacted. Oh it's a creeper camera cool so there you go yeah. The quality of zooming with that also is a little. It's not great but yeah that definitely is one interesting way. You're immediately jumped to. That's the case for. It wasn't my friend. Who's just a random person and I was asking too because I talked to people reporters do

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