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Vic Syracuse Homebuilt Aircraft Council Chairman discusses the 2020 EAA/FAA Recreational Aviation Summit


Don't you tell me a little bit more about What goes on in the summit victim. Tell us about what? Your role is so One I'm just honored to be there. A nice time. Didn't accused me of making the meeting any longer than it needed to be so. Thanks Tom. Absolutely the exciting thing is that I see over past three or four years this absolute willingness for the FAA to listen to the EA leadership to him on on very important things that are affecting our membership things right down to operating limitations for amateur built airplanes at top of mind for our members out there these days and actually work with the people that Right those up and allow us to do input and make changes. It does seem to me to be to be powerful and is it. Would you both say it's unusual That that we're we're sort of able to to get the FAA to come to us and sit down and have these These face to face meetings. It seems like when you consider a typical Something more akin to a lobbying scenario. Think while you go to Washington and the Obama the doors till somebody listens but they come here and sit down. Sit Down with us for two three days and the fact that they come here when it's eight degrees outside on purpose so that they can so that there are other bosses. Can't say that they're on some kind of junket you know to Vegas or something but But how I think One of one of the strengths. Ca Has the other alphabet organizations. Do a ton of of really great work and they're in DC Obviously base there on a regular basis and and we do have representation there ourselves with Doug McNair But one of a uniqueness that is our strength that he a is that we're not in DC. Were here in Oshkosh. Which means that when we want to have one of these kind of touch points. They come onto our turf meetings. It really is kind of an event And it's done in kind of this. This concentrated way of day and a half meeting where they hop on flights and come into To Wisconsin in February. We put together a full day. And a half agenda with you. Know with briefing papers in a in a fully. We work on this for months in advance. Getting getting all this ready and then we also have all of the All of the the leads in the same room so it doesn't matter if we're talking about airport policy or for talking about flight safety or for talking about Operating limitations for amateur built aircraft. Everybody whether they have a hand in it or not is around. The table offering their views on it. And particularly for the interdisciplinary topics. You know things like mosaic giant rulemaking project. It's great to you. Know not necessarily be in the office of one particular department but have those folks come to us and in all bear on the conference. Table Now vic. We're looking BACK SUMMIT AS WE'RE RECORDING. His has just concluded correct. We've just wrapped up Vick. Was there you mentioned operating limitations? Were were there any other particular. Highlights this at this year for you. Yeah the NEAT thing about the last day and a half as Tom said we've got the real people here who can actually listen and then say yeah. We can change that as opposed to thank you for your input. We're GONNA go back and see what can be done and that ranged everywhere from talking about grass field operations which was kind of a minor knit all the way up to future policies. That may be coming out in the next four or five years at are actually going to change you know. Have a real good impact. I think very positively on amateur built aviation so it's everything from fixing things to policy making out in the future and we've got the leadership of both sides in the room a green on. What's going to happen? That really is it really is terrific and I You know when you go back through our magazine Archives Or you think back I personally think about conversations with Paul Right when I started here. when he founded the organization That was that was a core philosophy from the beginning is is you know. We're not gonNA just sit here and fold our arms and you know and grouse about the bureaucrats in Oklahoma City. You know we're going to figure out how to work with them and how to educate them And you know I certainly. We don't get every single thing we want but but we've had some. We've had some enjoyable successes over the years and I think I think members should be proud of the strong working relationship that we have with the FAA. Yea I I I would add just a little bit to that. How and you're dead on. I call it. I've actually When I speak to the Holmdale Council and even family members and fellow pilots when I go back the collaborative atmosphere. Yeah that is in this room and all the meetings that I've had the honor of participation with is totally different than most pilots perception of the FAA chur. I mean they are there to actually they have the same objective that we have in mind in that to Promote aviation not figure out a way to stifle it and there aren't any US in they conversations in in this room this meeting ever the first time I was there. It was amazing to me and it just keeps repeating year after year and actually we do it twice a year and they always take things back and act upon them and come back and tell us why they can't as you know We do. Have we do report to a congress and but most of the time in jail we we can fix this or we can change. That is very very collaborative. This is our fourteenth winter summit this year. So you know There every year we get high level executives. I mean literally somebody who reports to somebody who reports to the FAA administrator You know that's that's the level of executives that were getting at these meetings. I mean these are people who don't just have oversight of General Aviation. They have oversight of Commercial Aviation which is obviously a Not The not the most comfortable assignment right now at the seventy seven Max issues going on in other things And they take the time to come to Oshkosh again in February. When it's eight because they WANNA come here come here. They want to To do positive things for general aviation and hear what the stakeholders have to say So I think it's As as my boss Sean says always says it's ours to lose you know we. We have to continually Present a productive agenda for them But we are of A. We're just very humbled by the By by the the willingness of these guys to to work with. Us So closely. It really is. That really is something remarkable and I it it does appear to be pretty Pretty Unique

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Vic Syracuse Homebuilt Aircraft Council Chairman discusses the 2020 EAA/FAA Recreational Aviation Summit

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