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New York: Severino Sidelined By Forearm Soreness


For the WFAN sports desk here's marker namely word came the Yankees fairly early Thursday that Louis Severino would be missing is scheduled bullpen session in spring training and then later on we got the news from general manager Brian Cashman that savvy is out indefinitely because of soreness in his right forearm unknown at this is a significant issue that we're gonna be dealing with that's going to cost us a lot of time or if it's a small issue this just the timing and and end of this debate in short order but it has not dissipated since you know this winter time with two tested to run the test in either way it leaves the yanks without two of their projected starting five is James Paxton is still recovering from back surgery exam mats will both have their exhibition openers

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New York: Severino Sidelined By Forearm Soreness

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