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Bernie Sanders Campaign: We Don’t Want Bloomberg’s Blood Money


Senator Bernie Sanders campaign manager was asked if he would take Michael Bloomberg's money in the general election and he said quote it's hard no Bernie has said he's going to fund. His presidential campaign was smaller contributions. And I think we can do that now. Last month Bloomberg pledged he would use his vast wealth to help fund whoever wins the Democratic nomination now sanders campaign said they are not interested. Bloomberg camp tells. Nbc News that is fine with them. Quote I don't think it would be prudent to spend on behalf of somebody who did not want the response raises a fascinating question about the means and the ends here. The battle between billionaire cash and Democratic Socialism. Which is just one of the main stories of the twenty twenty primary here to talk more about this is on ungeared at US editor at large at Time magazine author of the book winners. Take all in the recent New York Times op. Ed The billionaire election. I think this question is an interesting one. Actually and I'm not clear. What the correct answer is I kind of understand from the sanders campaign particularly the primary. It would look kind of terrible for the brand Bernie Sanders. But I'm also not clear if that's the correct answer and a sort of optimal sense you know I think you have to add it all comes down as we've heard again and again to this question of whether you think trump is symptomatic disease and I think if you think he's this aberration and he's the entirety of the problem. Then you might embrace any means necessary to get rid of him including taking big money if you think. Our problem is oligarchy. If you problem I think our problem is people like Donald Trump having too much power in American life in a bunch of different ways and that he's one of the people who kind of slipped into a particular luckily lucky position for him. Then you don't WanNa fight fire with fire. And I think I'm sympathetic. To the view that you don't fight a racist sexist oligarchy who cannot read with a racist sexist allegoric who can read and is very smart. You know like I just don't think that actually works and I think the question for all of us in this campaign is. Is there a way because you're right? It is a moral dilemma. Because maybe you're not gonNA registered enough voters if you don't have money maybe there's a money help because a lot of things you can do with a billion dollars in Texas of course but part of the excitement of the sanders campaign but I would also say. The Warren Campaign is the strength of the message that they are something not of this plutocratic age and any dilution of that compromises the central thing that is animating people count compromise the central emotional pull of the campaign since the Bloomberg campaign. Here defend themselves. They would strenuously denied. That he's a racist and sexist. I want to say that on their behalf the I would stop and Frisk them. They're here to check You know they were. Yeah the thing about Bloomberg that has been really interesting to watch. Here is a very complicated tenure here in New York City it was. It was my mayor some part of the time. He's complicated figure many ways and quite when he said he's smart. I mean there. There were tremendously competent. Incredible people in fact in administration in that mayoral administration. Who did really remarkable things? Some of the record here in New York City but it was always open question to me of basically like the the value proposition. Michael Bloomberg was kind of like. What if we can have our own billionaire? I mean people would say this to me like what if we can take on trump with someone who could spend unlimited. What if we can take on trump who also kind of didn't give a hack almost kind of trump and I think he didn't understandable fashion that has been continues to be a very alluring idea to people and again it is possible to fight trumpism in a way that deepens the whole of trumpism and you think Bloomberg represent says yes because the the the sum total of trumpism. Isn't this particular guy. Who's so malevolent and hateful and a White Nash? That's that's one expression. That much deeper tendency has taken right. If you think about setting a precedent where anybody with a few billion. We actually have several people. Yeah many many people who can afford to do a Bloomberg's doing he can afford it more than others. But you've got a bunch of people who there were three billion at this kind of thing. Does every person now who has that money? WanNa do that and as you can see I described it before I was just looking at his his charisma last night. Bloomberg's and it really feels like I described this morning as like. It's like a large piece of cheese at eight a robot. I mean it's just like the complete lack of ability to connect both in performance charismatic way but also an inbound way right like someone who hasn't taken in for me it's people in a really long time and that's because and I'd done reporting on these people part of being a billionaire is no one tells you the truth after a pretty early stage in your life. Let me let me let me rephrase lightly. More charitable way robot which is that. He's not quote typical politician and when he was in New York part of what he was able to do because of his money was to kind of not do the truck and barter and all the glad-handing that you have to do is a politician. New York he just has come to politics in a totally different way because they say some people like precisely that right I mean that was the donald trump sell to his electorate was. No one owns me because I own everyone correct exactly and so he did. Do glad handing of a different kind of billionaire. Kind right right. I used to wonder this. In that Era New York you would have these the arts. Go to the ballet and it will be funded not by the city but by Bloomberg philanthropies while he was the mayor and it now appears he was doing was buying people buying nonprofits buying people who fight for the most vulnerable people who might be his biggest opponents as a guy who's behaved the way he has at work or done stop and Frisk and are now silent or supportive. There's this sort of ongoing question about. I'm very curious to see what he does next in terms of his durability this electric particularly in the wake of him having to kind of defend his record like all the other candidates have to us. It's always great to have you thank you so much still ahead. Could the results of South Carolina be the end for any democratic campaigns? Who's got the money in the staying power to make it through

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