Hope for Alzheimers and Dementia


And today we're going to discuss with you a very sensitive subject. Many of you have a family loved ones out there. That have had this experience. And you're hoping to avoid it as well because of watching them it is called for Alzheimer's and dementia and Doctor this is going to discuss with us today. Many ways that we can start recognizing if we're headed towards one of these terrible diseases down the road Natural products that we can do in supplementation. That could help. Slow it down and I don't know about reversing it. He's GonNa talk to us about that also and we have lots and lots of questions to get to. The you guys have been kind enough to send to us and we're going to make sure we try to answer as many of those as we can as long as we can remember right. I with that being said Dr Lewis. Can You Tell US exactly what you want to tell people today about Alzheimer's and dementia and give them some hope. Y- you know. I always write about two or three hours worth of notes in bullet points for this thirty minute show so please forgive me for not getting around everything First of all. It's a very devastating disease and mark my words what you're going to see in the very near future like ten fifteen twenty years is we're going to lose a great amount of America's workforce because You know how wonderful insurance companies are. They're going to say well. You know we're going to quit covering this and this and this and this and so you're gonNA have to take one of the two workers from your house. The male female to stay at home take care of mom or dad with dementia Alzheimer's So that's GonNa really hurt. America's workforce the the town to treat something. You know. I'm a contractor. We can't treat anything with with supplements but where did we lose our faith in God to realize that our if you put in something really really good your body's going to work within do good so the time to deal with it is before you get it now. I saw dementia slash Alzheimer's and you need to go to a neurologist. If you suspect you have this I love medical profession and you should be doing our program also in addition to I all coming in my mother when she was entered. I guess mid Sixty S and my brother Dr James Lewis who's incredibly brilliant contractor so we started giving my mother lots and lots of stuff and she was a willing participant and we put off dementia slash Alzheimer until. It didn't really kick her but she got around eighty eight to ninety to ninety two. It really got her but That's better than letting it progress in her mid sixties and have ever in in tiger down that terrible road when she seventy so we put it off about twenty five years Here's the problem and again. I'm not a medical. I go to medical doctors I love. Medical doctors had the greatest respect for their knowledge and their commitment to helping people get well but there was an article in the paper the other day. This is drugs. Fail to slow decline inherited. Alzheimer's disease now inherited would imply that. It's genetic but as you know if you've listened to me there's so many of our genes that will not express bad things if you get rid of environmental toxins and increase nutrients and you know to a thinking man or woman you say well. If you increase no chance you're gonNA automatically Detox Bango. You just won the prize. That's true so it. That article talked about the fatal drugs. Fail TO PREVENT OR SLOW. The mental decline They were trying to remove harmful protein. That builds up into Brian to these people leading to you know. Bad dementia The problem with that is and I'm not anti-drug but it's like you've got eighty holes in your roof and it's about to come a thunderstorm and you're trying to patch one. That's what you're doing with the drug. You're not getting to the underlying. Cause will you talked about your mother going into that at a later stage I remember her being much younger. And we thought she was going into dementia and Alzheimer's and they had just put her on an an acid reducer. So that right. I hadn't even forgot that story. Which is one of the signs of dementia Alzheimer's but sometimes it's just dress Yeah My sister called me and says you know Steven my mom. You Know Mamas making coffee with no water into pie. She's turned it trying to turn on the gas stove can't get it going. And she's looking in the mirror and talking to herself thinking she's talking to someone else and she's urinating freely and cannot have a bowel movement. I said Oh good. Lord I'm booked up and I said I'd never mind. I'll cancel everybody on the books and I went to see your well. They just put on a new acid reducer and not that. Those things aren't necessary and appropriate but I said well she's not going to get any B twelve you know out of her mate and we'll get further into that during the questions but I said if you've got to take it for feeling good understand that and I gave her medical doctor the all the research about you know B twelve deficiency and how that can decrease brain function and I said at the very least place. Give her a shot over. Wake well her cute little. Md She. I guess got offended. She wouldn't do it so I had to put Mamo massive doses of B. Twelve. You can't put somebody on the RDA because you're not gonNA absorb it. You gotta put them on massive doses and has got to be the good stuff and she popped out of it in about two three weeks. She has a brand new woman and that was many years before she actually did develop dementia. So sometimes it can be drug induced and you think that they're going down this slippery slope open at something they're taking And and blood pressure medicines and other one that that does that it. It'll make them be like they're somewhere else you know. We had them walk in our office that way. And they don't know what's going on and it turned out to be their blood pressure medication so it could be several. It can be statin drugs. We see that very very often and again. I don't interfere with medical. You know what the what they do. So we'll talk to your md about this. Here's the book. Here's the research. Read that One of the worst insults from a hormonal point of view is one of the worst insults to the Bryant stress. Because then you're adrenals get stressed release. Cortisol we see people with super-duper High Cortisol than it you know eventually gets battalion. Whereas craps out goes down to. Oh we had one in here. Yesterday had five on his cortisol. So we'll no wonder you feel like hack. And you have anxiety on top of that and can't remember and he runs a multimillion dollar business. This has a very bad effect on the hop. Thelma's and they're somewhere in my notes. GotTa hope we get to it. I'll just mention it now. You have to feed the hippocampus. That's not a college for Hippos. That's part of your brain and I did a little research and there's a specific type. You know we always sell the methyl. B twelve the good stuff but there's only one company on no that makes Olympic acid and auto Janet. I said I know I know I keep asking you to buy all these supplements. I started remembering things. I remember the code to our Condo in Branson for months before and went on and on and on it's called T. M. G. which is trauma thylacine. Which is a major methyl donor which means major detoxification? But it has a violin acid which feeds the hippocampus which helps tremendously with short term energy. So for those of you that walk into the next room and have a senior moment because we laugh about it because it's easier to laugh about it and saying Oh crap Mg Are you have to strategically place all of your items? You can see him again when you get in the room Engine twelve flashlights. Hanging around. Because I forgot where I left last seven but I've always got one somewhere except they migrate like wildebeest. I may all be an RV. And I have to bring them back into the house but so stress. You know you've got to deal with that Hypo methylated which lack of be complex. And I've got notes here somewhere. It's be twelve it's B. Six and has to be activated. Be Six it has to be five. M T H F met foul in or Quadraphonic plus that for Lennick. Acid is little bit different than the folic. So you got to be very very careful. Janet can you hand me that the one over there that that bottle is says Omega? Yes you're okay. Here's what I'm GonNa Tell You folks. One of my patients came into the day. She says well I'm taking this. This is from a famous doctor and my Amigas which is very very incredibly important critical for good brain function mine. One Gel caps has several times more. Epa in Dha than this A Megan from a famous doctor. But this name is doctor put in B twelve as Sino Kabbalah mean if it says sign Kabbalah mean. It is junk. Throw it away. I don't care if it comes from a famous doctor and then you know he put in some other cheap stuff It's not good. Just because it comes from a famous doctor. He put info late instead of the five of 'EM T H F.

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